Best Friends 4-H Club


Best Friends 4-H Club is an inclusive 4-H canine therapy dog competition project club designed to assist non-traditional (a member with a life disability) and traditional (a member without a life disability) 4-H'ers in learning about the many aspects of canine handling in dog training, canine ownership responsibility and dog competition. 

Best Friends 4-H Club is recognized by the American Kennel Club as the only canine therapy dog competition 4-H club in America. Thus, making the club canine eligible for his or her AKC canine therapy dog titles, as well as, enjoy the sport of dog competitions in obedience, agility and rally. 

Best Friends 4-H Club was formed in 1988 by Patti Dynes and her son, David Dynes when after an exhausting search for a dog training club that could accommodate a student with a disability and his dog could not be found. 


Best Friends 4-H Club's Mission Goals: 

  1. To provide an educational experience to youth that otherwise might be omitted from competition and denied the experience and growth it provides.
  2. To provide members an opportunity to learn about canine training and handling in a safe and supportive environment.
  3. To focus on building positive relationships between club members and his or her own OR Volunteer Team Canine.
  4. To provide canine therapy and motivation with physical and mental stimulation while having fun. 


Best Friends 4-H Club 


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