Leader Resources


All Information provided below can be printed and sent to Berrien County 4-H Leaders upon request. Requests can be made to the Berrien County MSU Extension Office at 269-927-5674. 


New Member Packet 

  • Welcome to Berrien County 4-H New Member Packet


Virtual Platforms Resources

Resources for use for virtual club meetings. 


Annual Financial Reports

Annual Financial Report Forms are due for Berrien County 4-H Clubs no later than November 1 of each year. Annual Financial Reports forms consist of: 


Michigan 4-H Financial Management Resources

Resources on information related to 4-H Club Financial Management. 


Overnight and Transportation Policy 

Resources and policies for transporting youth and overnight stays. 


MSU Extension Guidelines for Social Media 

Policies and forms related 4-H Clubs having a Social Media account. Social Media is defined as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

  • Social Media Guidelines Form
    • Form must be submitted to the Berrien County MSU Extension Office for approval. Once approved an account can be created. Groups must allow Berrien County MSU Staff to have access to all groups regardless if the status is private or public. 



Injury and Property damage needs to be reported to the Berrien County MSU Extension office as soon as possible for 4-H related events/activities. Report forms need to be filled out in partnership with the local 4-H Program Coordinator.