CEC logo-rgb-web-01 (1)Q: Why bring a “team”? 

A: We encourage more than one person to attend for several reasons.  First, more than one person returns to a community “fired up” to implement the ideas learned. Second, with over 25 educational sessions offered during the 24-hour conference it is possible only one person will miss some.

Q: Who should be on the team? 

A: Anyone that is interested in helping entrepreneurs succeed in your town.  However, we also encourage you to be a bit strategic when recruiting people.  Bring folks from a variety of places (chamber, schools, business, economic development, local government, service clubs, etc.).  This broadens your reach when you return home and mobilize your community into action.

Q: Can just one person come to the conference without a “team”? 

A: Absolutely!

Q: Can I get copies of the presentations for review later?

A: Yes.  Many presentations are on the CEC website available for review and use after the conference.

Q: How do I find lodging for the conference and how much does it cost?

A: As we get closer to the conference dates, host communities will provide lodging lists and price options. Visit the "Lodging" page under this year's CEC conference page.

Q: Does it matter where I stay? 

A: No.  The conference (by design) is walk able and happens in the downtown area.  Once you arrive at the registration area you will be able to walk to all venues.

Q: Can I get a list of who attends the conference with contact info?

A: Yes.  After the conference is complete, the list of participants and speakers are shared with attendees to encourage further networking.  We suggest you bring business cards as we provide many opportunities to make connections and highly encourage communities to meet and share information.

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