A conference about attracting business to your downtown held in a new beautiful, thriving downtown each year with conference sessions held directly in the local businesses that help communities thrive.

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We are excited to announce the Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference will be in the charming community of Cadillac, on May 30-31, 2024.

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We are now accepting RFP's to present at the 2024 conference. Consider highlighting and sharing your successes and challenges in a creative, innovative, and fun manner.

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Read about this award winning conference in the Journal of Extension.

"Unique Conference Design Showcases Small Towns, Highlights Entrepreneurs, and Strengthens Capacity"

CEC logo-rgb-web-01 (1)The Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities (CEC) is a community development program designed for stake-holders, economic developers, businesses, local government, educators, and non-profits to create a network that increases a community’s potential for entrepreneurship. The program culminates in an annual  conference held every fall in towns across Michigan where participants attend to share ideas and learn best practices.  

Join other like-minded community leaders to learn exciting concepts and resources, and share best practices and fresh ideas to empower yourself and others to grow your local communities.

With breakout sessions embedded in shops and businesses throughout the downtown, the conference offers the unique opportunity to learn about and experience an entrepreneurial community.

We encourage you to invite your colleagues, co-workers, community leaders, entrepreneurs and stakeholders. Whether you work in economic development, business, arts and culture, government, philanthropy, the nonprofit sector, or education, you have an important part to play in supporting local businesses and entrepreneurial development in communities. There is something for everyone!

A small-town conference for small towns in a small town

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