Clare County 4-H

Thank you for your interest in the Clare County 4-H program. We look forward to helping you grow with 4-H!

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Clare County 4-H Council

4-H Council By-Laws


  • Craft Days Committee: Unleash creativity by organizing craft events.
  • 4-H Campers! Committee: Plan local camps and utilize the 4-H Lake Property.
  • Awards Committee: Select award winners for 4-H Awards
  • Banquet Committee: Plan the Annual Awards Banquet.
  • Fundraising Committee: Engage in activities like the 4-H Milk Booth and the Annual Flower Sale.
  • Cloverbuds Committee: Craft experiences for young members (ages 5-7).
  • 4-H Ambassador Committee: Manage the ambassador program from nominations to event coordination.
  • Gardening Committee: Goal to organize a community garden and a new Farm to Table 4-H Club.
  • Audit Committee / Budget Committee: Oversees and manages financial records.
Why Join a Committee? 
  • Make a Difference: Your involvement has a real impact on the community and 4-H.
  • Discover Your Passion: With a variety of committees, there’s something for everyone.
  • Embrace Community Spirit: Be part of a team that’s integral to local 4-H and the broader community.

Contact the 4-H Program Coordinator to get involved or come to the next meeting.

Meeting Documents


2/28/2024: Agenda January Minutes Treasurer's Report

1/31/2024: Agenda December Minutes Treasurer's Report

12/6/2023: Agenda October Minutes Treasurer's Report

10/25/2023: Agenda September Minutes Treasurer's Report

09/27/2023: Agenda June Minutes Treasurer's Report


07/26/2023: No Meeting - Fair Week

06/28/2023: Agenda May Minutes Treasurer's Report

05/24/2023: Agenda April Minutes Treasurer's Report

04/26/2023: Agenda February Minutes Treasurer's Report

03/22/2023: No Meeting - Treasurer's Report

02/22/2023: Agenda January Minutes Treasurer's Report

01/25/2023: Agenda December Minutes Treasurer's Report

12/07/2022: Agenda October Minutes Treasurer's Report

10/26/2022: Agenda September Minutes Treasurer's Report Proposed 2022-2023 Budget

10/12/2022: October Special Meeting Minutes


9/28/2022: Agenda July Minutes Treasurer's Report Finalization of Proposed Budget



6/24/2020: Agenda May Minutes June Sign Minutes Treasurer's Report

7/22/2020: Agenda June Minutes Treasurer's Report

8/26/2020: Agenda July Minutes Treasurer's Report

9/23/2020: Agenda August Minutes Treasurer's Report

10/28/2020: Agenda September Minutes Treasurer's Report Proposed 2020-2021 Budget

12/2/2020: Agenda October Minutes Treasurer's Report

1/27/2021: Agenda December Minutes Treasurer's Report

3/24/2021: Agenda January Minutes Treasurer's Report

4/28/2021: Agenda March Minutes Treasurer's Report

5/26/2021: Agenda April Minutes Treasurer's Report

6/23/2021: Agenda May Minutes Treasurer's Report

7/21/2021: Agenda June Minutes Treasurer's Report

 9/22/2021: Treasurer's Report

10/27/2021: September Minutes

 12/1/2021: Agenda   Treasurer's Report Proposed 2021-2022 Budget