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Clare County 4-H: Where Learning Meets Fun!

Are you on the lookout for an engaging youth development program that combines learning and fun for your child? Look no further than Clare County 4-H!

Why Choose Clare County 4-H?

Our program is all about:


Youth 4-H Membership

Join a 4-H Club

  1. Learn about which local 4-H clubs are accepting new members. 4-H CLUBS BUTTON.png
  2. Call club leaders to find out more details. You can visit a club meeting before becoming a member.
  3. Contact the 4-H Program Coordinator as soon as you know what club your child is joining.


You will be welcomed into 4-H and provided information on how to enroll on 4-H Online to become an official 4-H member. Enrolling on 4-H Online is an important step! Make sure to enroll each year.

4. Stay connected with the club leaders for updates and meeting times.

Participate Outside a 4-H Club

There a so many opportunities for fun and meaningful experiences. Youth can participate in events and activities that take place locally or at the state and national level. 

Learn more about these opportunities by reading the Monthly 4-H Newsletters.

Contact the 4-H Program Coordinator for any questions.

Volunteer with 4-H

Either it is launching your own club or assisting an existing one, becoming a mentor, or helping on the sidelines, there is a place for every caring adult in 4-H.

To become a volunteer, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the 4-H Program Coordinator to discuss your ideas and learn how you can get involved.
  2. Apply as a 4-H Gold Volunteer through MSU Extension Volunteer Central
  3. Complete the Volunteer Selection Process

Start Your Own Long-Term Club

Are you considering the opportunity to lead a 4-H club in your community? 

To establish a long-term club there must be:

  • At least two 4-H gold volunteers overseeing the club.
  • At minimum of 5 youth members enrolled into the club from at least 2 families.
  • Meet at least 6 times per year

Learn more about 4-H Club Development

Become a 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor

All 4-H Shooting Sports clubs are supervised by certified 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor. Instructors must become certified in the specific discipline(s) they wish to lead.

Interested in leading shooting sports? Learn more about Leader Training

Start a Short-Term Special Interest (SPIN) Club

We are always looking for volunteers to host these short-term clubs! They are quite popular among our youth when we launch them. These clubs are quick to start and require less commitment.

Why SPIN Clubs?

Do you have a passion, skill, or talent that you would like to share with young people? You choose the topic, we help you launch the club! You can make a difference in the lives of young people by teaching them skills that they can use the rest of their lives. 4-H SPIN clubs are special interest 4-H clubs that match your skills and talents with a small group of young people who want to learn from you.

4-H SPIN clubs meet on a schedule that is convenient for you and when young people are available. 

To launch a SPIN Club there must be:

  • At least one 4-H gold volunteer overseeing the club. 
  • A minimum of six sessions and no more than eight in an eight week time period.

Learn more about 4-H SPIN Clubs

Lead a 4-H Workshop

Are you looking for an opportunity to share your skills and talents with youth in a way that is straightforward and easy to do with low commitment as a volunteer? 4-H workshops are the answer!

Why 4-H Workshops?

Workshops are available for 4-H gold volunteers who are interested in doing one or two sessions to teach youth a skill. Just like SPIN clubs, topics can be on anything that helps teach youth a new skill!

Join a 4-H Council Committee

There are multiple committees that you can get involved with. Some of the committees the Clare County 4-H Council oversee are:

  • The Craft Day Committee 
    • Plan a 4-H Craft Day with the help of other volunteers and teen leaders.
  • The Fundraiser Committee
    • Organize existing and new fundraisers to help grow our 4-H Program
  • The 4-H Ambassadors Committee
    • Recruit youth to our local 4-H Ambassador Program so that they can become official Clare County 4-H representatives within our community.

Learn more about the Clare County 4-H Council

Volunteer at 4-H Camps

4-H offers a variety of camps and we are always looking for volunteers to lead sessions and/or be chaperones.

Learn about some available camps!

Other 4-H camps vary year by year. There is plenty of ways to assist with the development process in a new 4-H Camp at anytime!