4-H Jayteens

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Empowering Youth for Success

Welcome to 4-H Jayteens, where the future leaders of tomorrow are cultivated today! We are thrilled to present a unique collaboration between two esteemed organizations: 4-H and the Jaycees.

What is 4-H Jayteens?

4-H Jayteens is a dynamic youth group designed for individuals aged 12 to 19 years old, bridging the renowned principles of 4-H with the vibrant energy of the Jaycees. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to provide young people with opportunities for professional development, leadership cultivation, career exploration, community service, and networking.

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Next General Meeting

Join us outside of Wistful Design Studio, LLC in Clare MI at 6 PM

Meet local falconer, Lisa Clements, for an awe-inspiring lesson on falconry. 

Why Join 4-H Jayteens?

By joining 4-H Jayteens, members embark on a journey of personal growth and discovery. Here are just a few reasons why you should become a part of our vibrant community:

  1. Professional Development: Gain valuable skills and insights that will prepare you for success in any career path.
  2. Leadership Opportunities: Develop your leadership potential through hands-on experiences and mentorship from seasoned professionals.
  3. Career Exploration: Explore diverse career options and industries through workshops, seminars, and networking events.
  4. Civic Engagement: Make a positive impact on your community through meaningful service projects and initiatives.
  5. Networking: Connect with like-minded peers, industry professionals, and community leaders to expand your network and opportunities.

What We Offer

  • Monthly Meetings: Attend our monthly gatherings hosted by the Jaycees, featuring engaging guest speakers and valuable presentations.
  • Career and Professional Development Opportunities: Access exclusive resources and programs tailored to 4-H youth, aimed at enhancing your skills and knowledge.
  • Community Engagement: Participate in a variety of community service projects and events, making a difference while building meaningful connections.
  • Networking Events: Connect with professionals and peers in your field of interest through networking mixers, workshops, and panels.

Get Involved!

Ready to embark on an exciting journey of growth and discovery? Join 4-H Jayteens today and unlock a world of opportunities!

Questions? Contact the 4-H Program Coordinator to learn more about free membership and upcoming events. or complete the interest form!

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