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Introducing KitConnect!

Your gateway to seamless, curated kits tailored to elevate your 4-H club's activities to new heights!

How to Request a Kit

From STEM experiments to arts and crafts, we help you build the perfect kits for you 4-H needs. At your request, we will create kits that foster learning, creativity, and fun for your whole group. 

Step 1. Use the Request Form

Step 2. Select a suggested kit or share your own kit idea

Step 3. The 4-H Program Coordinator will contact you and begin building the kit

Please be advised that these kits will incur cost - Discounts Available!

Before items for a kit are purchased, the 4-H Program Coordinator will notify you of the cost details.

Must be Approved by 4-H Leader.

Prior to ordering a kit for your club or group, please ensure approval from your 4-H Leader to guarantee alignment with your club's goals and activities. 

Check Out KitConnect Here!

Looking for ways to fund a kit for your club? 

4-H is here to help! Reach out to your 4-H Program Coordinator.

We have a variety of ways at the local level for your club to obtain funds. Hold a club fundraiser, win cash prizes from our 4-H Contests or Awards, or granted funds from the Clare County 4-H Council . Check out the opportunities below!

Local 4-H Contests

4-H Honor Club

4-H Club of the Year Award

Clare County 4-H Council Grant

4-H Club Fundraiser