FOR 110: Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Forests & the Environment

Credits: 1

fall forest next to river


About FOR 110

Learn about the amazing ways that forests promote global environmental quality and human well-being. Topics include the role of forests in: mitigating climate change, creating rainfall, promoting human psychological health, and providing the materials for carbon-storing wooden skyscrapers. We also will introduce how humans interact with forests and how these ecosystems and their benefits are threatened by climate change, mega-wildfires, and invasive species.


A sample week in FOR 110

Week 6 – Regulating Services - Climate Regulation and Carbon

  • Module 6 Introduction
  • Watch a video on a Smithsonian Institution project
  • Read a report
  • Watch a video produced by The Economist magazine
  • Read a short news article from Science
  • Week 6 Quiz
  • Watch Rich Kobe's presentation on regulating ecosystem services: climate and carbon (26 minute lecture)
  • Complete an exercise on calculating carbon storage & sequestration
  • Participate in discussion forum


Hear from someone who took FOR 110 Summer 2020


A glimpse into the course