FOR 222: Forestry Field Methods

Credits: 3

Student in the forest field


About FOR 222

In this course, students learn a variety of basic field techniques used in forestry, including tree/forest measurements and inventory techniques, land navigation with GPS and orienteering with a map and compass. The course assumes no prior knowledge of forestry and is mostly outdoor-lab-based, with classroom lectures providing context and supplemental learning to facilitate field exercises. Grading is based on field examinations that test proficiency in field techniques, including outdoor exams/quizzes and occasional homework assignments. 

The goals of this course are: (i) to get hands-on training with basic forest measurement tools and learn forest data collection methods; and (ii) to learn basic techniques for navigating through and surveying forest ecosystems. This is a required course for Forestry majors, and it is a recommended course for any students interested in learning the basics of forest ecosystems measurements. 


A sample week in FOR 222

Week 5 – Tree Crown Measurements

  • Read text: Ch. 6-15 through 6-18
  • Watch Lecture 4: Measuring Tree Crowns
  • Watch Crown Measurement videos: (i) Introduction, (ii) Height & Length, (iii) Spread
  • Complete lab 5: Measurement Methods for Different Shaped Tree Crowns


Hear from someone who took FOR 222

Matt Pena"FOR 222 is a very fun and informational class! It requires lots of work, but it is all very enjoyable. My knowledge about forestry has grown immensely because of it. We learn how to measure tree dimensions, use a map, and take a forest inventory. Our final project allowed us to put all those skills together to give us a taste in the daily life of a forester, and it was easily my favorite lab from the whole semester. Professor MacFarlane and his TAs were all very eager and excited to teach us, and I know we both wish we could have done the class in person. Even while online, it was still an amazing class that I know is going to be the foundation for my forestry career!"



A glimpse into the course