CSUS Hamm-Norris Seminar- Jonathan Vivas

March 4, 2024 12:00PM - 1:00PM

NRB 338 or Zoom

Join the CSUS department for the Hamm-Norris seminar series where scholars share about the latest about their work in environmental and sustainability issues. Hamm-Norris seminars are public events and all are welcome to join either in person or on Zoom. The seminar will be held virtually via Zoom, login details below:
Meeting ID: 977 1523 2159
Passcode: CSUS

March 4th features Jonathan Vivas, a CSUS graduate student. Jonathan's talk is entitled "A Holistic Sustainability Assessment for Grazing-Based Beef Production Systems in the North Central United States."

Talk Description:

Regenerative Grazing (RG) has been suggested as a salient solution to the complexity of challenges confronting the beef sector. Despite the increasing focus on RG within the academy and policymaking, there is a notable paucity of comprehensive, empirical evaluations, especially surrounding the overall contributions of RG to sustainability. We aim to address this limitation by implementing an interdisciplinary, holistic framework to devise an index of sustainability indicators for grass-based beef farms in the North Central United States. The holistic framework not only utilizes rapid, measurable indicators, but also encompasses nuanced, site-specific monitoring to address both methodological and conceptual challenges relevant to grazing-based production systems. By offering a multi-dimensional view of sustainability, this tool significantly contributes to informed decision-making in the cattle sector, ultimately leading to practices that are environmentally beneficial, economically viable, and socially equitable.

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