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Our undergraduate programs prepare the next generation of learners, thinkers, and doers.

The Department of Community Sustainability engages with professionals, students, and members of communities to address social choices within specific environmental, economic, and cultural contexts that may conflict with local, national, or international sustainability goals.

This interdisciplinary work empowers students to create, integrate and harness new ideas to protect and improve both the lives of people and their environments.

Our programs reflect an understanding that how students learn is as important as what they learn. Courses, service-learning projects, internships, study abroad programs and other co-curricular activities combine academic content with the building of skills such as fostering dialogue and action on critical issues, decision-making, supporting diversity in communities and organizations, encouraging innovation, and fostering positive change.

Undergraduate Majors

Consistent with our mission to assist in the development of sustainable communities, the department offers three undergraduate majors linked by a common core set of courses in sustainability studies. Our three undergraduate majors are:

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