Undergraduate Courses

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CSUS 200 Introduction to Sustainability 

Section 2 FS18

Section 1 SS19

Section 2 SS19

CSUS 215 International Development and Sustainability Syllabus
CSUS 221 Seminar in Environmental and Sustainability Careers Syllabus
CSUS 222A Seminar in Instructional Theory I – Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Education Syllabus
CSUS 222B Seminar in Instructional Theory II – Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Education Syllabus
CSUS 223A Global Issues in Agriculture and Natural Resources Syllabus
CSUS 259 Sustainable Energy & Society Syllabus
CSUS 260 Land and Environmental Issues in Law and Policy Syllabus
CSUS 265 Exploring Environmental and Sustainability Issues and Policy Using Film Syllabus
CSUS 273 Introduction to Travel and Tourism Syllabus
CSUS 276 Sustaining Our National Parks and Recreation Lands Syllabus
CSUS 278 Introduction to Conservation, Recreation and Environmental Enforcement Syllabus
CSUS 300

Theoretical Foundations of Sustainability 

Syllabus - Section 1
CSUS 301 Community Engagement for Sustainability Syllabus
CSUS 310 History of Environmental Thought and Sustainability Syllabus
CSUS 320 Environmental Planning and Management Syllabus
CSUS 322 Leadership for Community Sustainability Syllabus
CSUS 325 Study and Practice of Communication for Sustainability (W) Syllabus
CSUS 330 Organizational Management for Community Sustainability (W) Syllabus
CSUS 343 Community Food and Agricultural Systems Syllabus
CSUS 354 Water Resources Management Syllabus
CSUS 418 Community Sustainability Study Abroad Syllabus
CSUS 419 International Studies in Community Sustainability Not available
CSUS 425 Environmental Impact Assessment Syllabus
CSUS 429 Program Planning and Evaluation Syllabus
CSUS 431 Interpretation and Visitor Information Systems Syllabus
CSUS 433 Grant Writing and Fund Development (W) Syllabus
CSUS 445 Community-Based Environmental and Sustainability Education Syllabus
CSUS 447 Community Economic Development Syllabus
CSUS 452 Watershed Concepts Syllabus
CSUS 463 Food Fight: Politics of Food Syllabus
CSUS 464 Environmental and Natural Resource Policy in Michigan Syllabus
CSUS 465 Environmental and Natural Resource Law Syllabus
CSUS 473 Social Entrepreneurship and Community Sustainability Syllabus
CSUS 474 Advanced Topics in Tourism Management Syllabus
CSUS 476 Natural Resource Recreation Management Syllabus
CSUS 490 Independent Study in Community Sustainability Not available
CSUS 491 Special Topics in Community Sustainability Not available
CSUS 493 Professional Internship in Community Sustainability Syllabus
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