Sustainable Parks, Recreation and Tourism

The Department of Community Sustainability offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainable Parks, Recreation and Tourism (SPRT). By combining a body of specialized professional knowledge with the study of natural, social, management and behavioral sciences, the program provides an opportunity for students to obtain a broad, interdisciplinary education that emphasizes a professional area of knowledge integrated with the tenets of sustainability. The SPRT major is designed to prepare students for professional positions related to the management and enjoyment of the outdoors. Such positions include management of public parks, forests and protected areas, non-profit organizational land and facilities such as camps and commercial enterprises that provide goods and services to outdoor enthusiasts. Meeting people’s outdoor leisure needs, enhancing the quality of life and providing sustainable economic and social development are hallmarks of the SPRT major.

Students in the SPRT major will acquire an understanding of natural resource recreation and tourism that integrates sustainability and effectively links theory with practice while engaging the community. This includes concepts of leisure, tourism, recreation and sustainability, as well as the operation of recreation delivery systems, policy, administration, management, planning and evaluation.

Government, non-profit and for-profit entities offer a variety of career opportunities in the parks, recreation and tourism field. These opportunities include careers in park and land management, recreation and conservation law enforcement, nature and cultural interpretation, non-profit camp and adventure organization management, commercial recreation enterprise management of cruise ships, resorts, marinas, adventure travel firms, outfitting and guiding services and in coordinating and promoting tourism systems at from the local, state and federal levels through convention and visitor bureaus, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations and industry associations. Graduates are also well prepared for graduate studies relating to the park, recreation and tourism field, as well as a broad range of social and natural science disciplines.

For the requirements of the Sustainable Parks, Recreation and Toursm (SPRT) major please click here.

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