Student Organizations

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Education (AFNRE) Club

The purpose of the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Education (AFNRE) Club is to encourage collegiality among students who are either interested in or are majoring in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Education, as well as provide professional resources, opportunities, and experiences related to Agriculture Food, and Natural Resources Education. Some of these experiences include professional development conferences and workshops, touring both high school and collegiate AFNRE programs, building relationships with AFNRE faculty and industry professionals, and many others.

For more information on the AFNRE Club, please contact the faculty advisor: Dr. Mark Forbush.

Environmental Studies and Sustainability United (ESSU)

The purpose of this organization is for Students enrolled in the Environmental Studies and Sustainability major or minor with a focus on student support and engagement within the program. We hope to accomplish this through career support and development, study groups, bonding activities, and more! Our goal is to really increase student engagement in the program and empower students to think critically about their education and how they can be impactful, as well as fostering a safe and inclusive environment of camaraderie in the major.

For more information on the ESSU Club, visit their website or contact the faculty advisor: Jeane Stebleton

Parks and Recreation Club (PARC)

The purpose of PARC – the Parks and Recreation Club – is to promote and facilitate the academic and professional development of all students interested in parks, recreation and tourism. PARC offers students the opportunity to build valuable skills and make important contacts through interaction with fellow students, MSU faculty, and parks, recreation and tourism professionals. PARC students are encouraged to affiliate themselves with the National and Michigan Recreation and Park Associations (NRPA and MRPA) and/or the Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association (MLTA). PARC meets once a month in the Natural Resources Building and membership is open to any MSU student interest in parks, recreation or tourism.

For more information on PARC, please contact the faculty advisor: Dr. Crystal Eustice.

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The full list of Registered Student Organizations and contacts information is available through the MSU Department of Student Life.