Entomology (B.S.)

Entomology is the branch of biology focusing on insects and other closely-related animals such as spiders, ticks and millipedes. The Entomology program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the biology, ecology, evolution, identification, structure, classification and management of beneficial and harmful insects.

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Core areas of study include:

  • Organismal and molecular biology.
  • Ecology.
  • Plant biology and pathology.
  • Chemistry.
  • Physics.
  • Soil science.
  • Pest management.

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Career Opportunities

Graduates with a degree in Entomology enter a broad range of challenging and rewarding careers in agriculture, natural resources, human and veterinary medicine, education, public outreach and research.

Entomology prepares students for a variety of career paths:

  • Conservation leaders.
  • Government advisors in bio-security, food security.
  • Museum curators and educators.
  • Invasive species inspectors.
  • Pest control managers.

Faculty members maintain close relationships with companies and industry contacts related to entomology, which can help with internships, scholarships and employment in a range of fields.

Student Stories

Nate Howder representing the MSU Bug Club at Sparticipation.

Curiosity about insects drives this Entomology undergraduate student to share their excitement with others

February 21, 2022

Nate Howder has packed a love of insects into a variety of experiences including volunteering at the Smithsonian and being a leader in reinvigorating the MSU Bug Club.

A picture of an ant on a flower with a headshot of Kelly in the upper left-hand corner.

Entomology undergraduate student found her footing and flourished during a global pandemic

July 29, 2021

Kelly Holsinger talks about collecting insects at a young age and how remote schooling benefited her and gave her the opportunity to attend campus clubs for the first time.

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Student Life

In addition to student jobs and internships, there are education abroad and undergraduate research opportunities.

There are also a variety of student clubs and organizations including:

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