Department resources

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View the Department of Entomology bylaws

Classification of insect orders

View the Updated 2016 list of classification of orders of insects


View the 2020-2021 Department committee chairs and members

Computers and technology services

Contact ANR Technology Services for setup or repairs related to computers and digital devices.

COVID-19 Building Reopening Plans

See the COVID-19 building reopening plans for important information to help keep the campus community safe and ensure approved research activities on campus can continue.

Department forms, time sheets and letterhead

Here are a few reminders regarding time sheets:

  • Time sheets are due on the listed due date by 5 p.m.  Time sheets turned in late will be processed in the following pay period.
  • Students and Temporary Employees must have their time accounted for and recorded accurately. 
  • Time sheets must be signed in ink; electronic and pencil signatures will not be accepted.
  • Any time beyond 40 hours per week must be paid at time and a half. Banking hours to avoid overtime pay is unallowed. Students can only work 29 hours per week while classes are in session. 
  • Please make sure students and temps are recording their correct accounts and sub-accounts on time sheets. Time sheets without an account number listed will not be accepted.
  • Minutes need to be converted to the tenths when recording total minutes worked per day. Minutes to tenths conversion sheet.
  • Contact Renee Graff ( for student employment questions and Kelsea Logan ( for temporary employment questions.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Entomology Extension Contacts by Area

Grant proposal preparation

Logos, branding and communications

Entomology's Joy Landis can answer questions and help you connect with communicators at college and university (CABS) level. 

Promotion and tenure

RCR - Responsible Conduct of Research

  • MSU Graduate School’s resources for teaching responsible conduct of research, scholarship, and creative activities.
  • RCR PowerPoint presentations on each of the federal Office of Research Integrity topics—with explanatory notes—that can be used as assigned readings and as foundational material for guided discussions.

Reservation calendars

Reserve space in the Center for Integrated Plant Systems (CIPS) with these links to calendars. Note that these links are only accessible to people on campus using the MSU Wifi or wired Ethernet network, or using the VPN.

Seminars and faculty meetings

Technical staff employee excellence forms

Title IX – sex discrimination, sexual harassment and violence

  • MSU Entomology supports cultivating a safe and inclusive campus community that is free of sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence. For resources, making a report or to understand policies, see the MSU Title IX website.


Worker Protect Standard