Faculty & Academic Staff Hiring

 Please find CANR's Academic Position Request form by using the link below. Please note that a VPN is required for accessing the form off campus.



 General Posting Guidelines

All employment openings at Michigan State University must be posted for a minimum of two weeks.

Exceptions to the posting process at MSU are permissible in the following circumstances (and must include written justification): 

  • Positions for executive and senior management (applies to University level only)
  • Positions filled internally
    • Positions filled internally at MSU including:
      • retirees (rehired within two years of retirement)
      • appointment category shifts such as fixed-term to continuing system or fixed-term to tenure system
  • Positions lasting three days or less.
  • Recruitment/retention contingent hire (spousal/partner or faculty/academic staff hired as part of the team of a recruited individual)
  • Emergency hire (for example, if a faculty member needs a medical leave which results in a teaching gap that needs to be filled immediately)


Faculty and Academic Staff Additional Resources:


Academic Specialist Specific Additional Resources: