University Termination Checklist

In addition to the University Termination guidelines there are CANR termination guidelines. The guidelines are below.


Additional Items to Remember

  • Please send an e-mail to support@anr.msu.edu to let ANR Tech Services know the ANR account needs to be stopped. Please include employee name, unit, NetID, and last day worked.
    • For retirees, if they are continuing to work part time after retirement, ANR account should be maintained.
    • If employee is moving to a new unit within CANR, ANR account should be maintained.
  • Submit Delete User ARM form, listing all three org numbers if applicable (10002…..10057…..10058…..).
  • Submit ARM form and spreadsheet to IT Services removing user from SAP workflow, if applicable.
    • If this is not done immediately, user will continue to receive actions in their task list once they have moved to a new unit.
    • Remember to change workflow in all three org numbers.
  • Inform college if employee should be removed from any ANR e-mail distribution lists (i.e. HR Reps list, Budgeteers list).

**Detailed termination-separation checklist can be found on MSU Human Resources website at: https://www.hr.msu.edu/policies-procedures/support-staff/support-staff-handbook/ss-handbook/term-sep-univ/term-sep_checklist.html