Understanding Forest Carbon Management

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This in-depth short course provides a robust overview of the connections between forests, climate, and human decision-making. The course builds confidence in foundational science, unpacks land management specific to carbon (including carbon crediting and other initiatives), and offers action paths for various decisions. The content is highly interdisciplinary and is designed to build shared understanding for diverse professionals.

Topic areas include carbon cycle and storage science, domestic and international policies, forest carbon credits and initiatives, management considerations, carbon measurement, and available tools and support. 

New in 2022: UFCM has been completely refreshed and includes breakout learning opportunities for deeper assessment into key domestic and international contexts. The course is also now available in English and Spanish!

The course runs asynchronously, allowing learners to work at their own pace and includes structured modules, downloadable handouts, and guided assessments. A practical approach allows participants to build an intuitive understanding of the main components of this increasingly important topic.

In October of 2021, 91 Peruvian environmental professionals began our course with scholarships provided by USAID and USFS to better equip participants in leading initiatives for the preservation of the Amazon forest and in facing the effects of climate change. Learn more about the spotlight here.

UFCM World Participation Map
Participation in the Understanding Forest Carbon Management course by country for A) English language course and B) Spanish language course.









View the Registration and Course Policies page for additional information on course purchase instructions, refunds, and completion requirements.

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Comprendiendo la Gestión del Carbono Forestal

Comprendiendo la Gestión del Carbono Forestal, ahora con contenido internacional y disponible en inglés y español

Curso Descripción (español) 

“Comprendiendo la Gestión del Carbono Forestal” es un curso corto, intensivo y diseñado para brindar una introducción sólida de los beneficios en la gestión de las áreas forestales, con un enfoque de carbono y en un marco internacional.

El curso tiene como objetivo construir, en un período corto, un entendimiento intuitivo de este espacio interdisciplinario, lo cual incrementa la confianza y comprensión sobre el conocimiento del carbono, los bosques y el cambio climático.

El curso se ejecuta de forma asincrónica, lo que permite a los alumnos trabajar a su propio ritmo. El curso incluye módulos estructurados, folletos descargables y evaluación guiada. Un enfoque práctico permite que el curso desarrolle una comprensión intuitiva de los componentes principales de este tema cada vez más importante.

A través de un enfoque práctico, el curso le permitirá́ adquirir una comprensión intuitiva de los componentes principales de este tema, el cual se está volviendo cada vez más importante en la agenda global.

Registro e Inscripción

La inscripción está actualmente abierta para los períodos de curso que comienzan el 9 de mayo, el 9 de agosto y el 9 de enero y esta disponible por 3 meses después.

El registro está abierto en nuestra tienda oficial del Departamento Forestal de MSU. Haga clic en el enlace a continuación para ir a la tienda y comprar el curso. Hay un 20% de descuento disponible para los participantes elegibles, vea este para ver si es elegible.



Languages Offered

  • English
  • Spanish


This course is offered three times per year according to the schedule below. Participants can register at any time, but we recommend busy professionals give themselves 6-8 weeks to complete the course. The course must be completed during the access window. 

  • January 9–April 9
  • May 9–August 9
  • September 9–December 9

Please specify during registration which course period you would like to join. 



  • Online

Time Required

  • ~20 hours
  • Self-paced

Intended Audience

  • Natural resource professionals; extension agents
  • All interested individuals are invited to participate 

Additional Certifications 

SAF: This course is approved for 17.5 category 1 hours. 

ISA: This course is approved by ISA for CEUs in the following categories: ISA BCMA Science (16.5), ISA Certified Arborist (16.5), Utility Specialist (16.5), Muncipal Specialist (16.5), Climber Specialist (16.5), Aerial Lift Specialist (16.5).

More Information

Email forestc@msu.edu for more information. 

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