Breakout Session 2 - Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 9 a.m.

Below you find session information for the fourteen sessions that will happen concurrently during Breakout Session 2 on Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 9 a.m. During registration, you will have the opportunity to register for one of the sessions below. Sessions will be limited to no more than 50 attendees each, so please consider having a first, second and third option as you get ready to register.

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Electronic Cigarettes and the Youth Epidemic

Speakers: Jim Harrington

Description: An overview of different types of E-cigarette products, health impact, laws regulating, and how to identify the products will be provided.

Intended Audience: 4H and CYI, HNI

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to identify different E-cigarette products.
  • What steps schools and communities can take to prevent use and help youth quit.
  • Health effects of E-cigarette use.

Core Competencies: Partnerships and Collaborations; Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption

Handouts: Presentation


Finding Financial Success in Uncertain Times: The Drive Begins at the Farm

Speakers: Jonathan LaPorte

Description: There are many challenges facing producers in today's agriculture climate. One of the most significant is the amount of uncertainty that exists in the market. Many farm managers have begun to question whether their business can operate within or remain financially viable with so much unknown. The session will focus on how producers can utilize many of the tools already at their disposal to guide them through these uncertain times.

Intended Audience: AABI & CFEI who work with farm producers

Learning Outcomes: Participants will navigate through the importance of farm records, cost of production, break-even pricing, and finally utilizing insurance in market strategies. Understanding these concepts can help them work with producers to travel along the path.

Core Competencies: Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption


Get "UP" and Move!

Speakers: Gwen Apger, Vicki Ballas, Kathy Bauer, Jill Connin, Jessica Coron, Cody McLaren, Stephanie Meck

Description: This session will bring fun and energetic ideas to the classroom or adult series sessions with physical activities that encourage movement, even for those with limited abilities and resources. Easily adaptable for face to face programming or online education. Take away new twists on some old favorites and, well, just some new twists!

Intended Audience: youth and adults

Learning Outcomes: participants will take away new ideas and ways to incorporate fun, engaging and different ideas for physical activities for presentations and series.

Core Competencies: Program Development, Evaluation, and Reporting

Handout: Easy Chair Exercises


How We Built a Live Talk Show and Podcast

Speakers: Ben Phillips, Mike Reinke, Ben Werling

Description: The MSU Vegetable Team worked with a multi-state partnership to build a live weekly talk show and podcast that was advertised to a dozen states and one province. This is how we did it, what it cost, and what we learned. Most of the core competencies came up in the production of this show.

Intended Audience: Educators

Learning Outcomes: Improved knowledge of Zoom, VLC, Audacity, and Google sites. Improved knowledge of advertising and planning for a different style of Extension program.

Core Competencies: Physical and Fiscal Resources; Team Work and Leadership; Partnerships and Collaborations; Program Development, Evaluation, and Reporting; Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Interpersonal and Organizational Profession


Inclusion Starts with our Language

Speakers: Quentin Tyler

Description: According to Ludwig Wittgenstein, the limits of our language means the limits of our world. Through one’s interactions, language can be a powerful tool for inclusion, or the biggest stumbling block to creating a classroom in which everyone feels valued. Language can welcome folks into conversation or make them feel like they do not belong. In this interactive session, we will discuss, reflect, and think about our language and explore ways and approaches to ensure that we create a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive environment.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: Participants will collectively think through effective responses to pushback/resistance to respectful language. Participants will examine their own ways of communicating and setting a tone in the classroom, and will be provided examples of inclusive langu

Core Competencies: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Increasing the Competitiveness of Your Grant Proposals

Speakers: Lauren Aerni-Flessner, Sobha Ramanand

Description: Presenters from MSU’s Office of Research Facilitation & Dissemination will discuss the  services their team can provide, and general guidance on how, to enhance the competitiveness of grant proposals.

Intended Audience: Grantseekers that are interested in applying for large federal, state, or private grants (NIH, USDA, MHEF, etc). This session is intended for experienced grantseekers.

Learning Outcomes: Ways to develop more competitive proposals and ultimately win additional funding.

Core Competencies: Physical and Fiscal Resources


LGBTQA+ Communities and Inclusive Language

Speakers: Jesse BealOprah Jrenal

Description: Join the staff of The LBGTRC for a conversation about the importance of LGBTQA+ language. Together we will explore better practices and current terminology. We will deepen our understanding of pronouns and practice using different pronoun sets. How do you create inclusive learning environments? What is the current identity terminology? What language can you use to signal support and convey understanding and cultural competency? 

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: Participants will leave the session with a better understanding of current terminology and ways to create inclusive learning environments.

Core Competencies: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Making Strategic Connections after the Election

Speakers: Cheryl Howell, Dru Montri, Jeremy Reuter

Description: The 2020 general election will be held on November 3, just a month after Fall Extension Conference. Immediately following an election can be a great time to make new strategic connections or to reintroduce yourself and MSU Extension to state and federal elected officials. This session will focus on knowing your government bodies and how they relate to MSU Extension and give you examples of how to engage or re-engage post election. It will cover Expect to Connect resources, provide suggestions for post election interactions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and highlight additional resources like MI Spartan Advocate that are available to you and MSU Extension stakeholders.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: To apply the concepts presented in the Expect to Connect toolkit when making strategic connections with state and federal elected officials. To apply the concepts presented in the Expect to Connect toolkit when making strategic connections with state and

Core Competencies: Partnerships and Collaborations


Nutrition - Keeping It Fresh 2.0

Speakers: Vanessa Armstrong, Erika GarnerLatoyia LeRoux, Michelle Luttrell, Angela Maniaci, Sandra Westover

Description: Feel like you are in a rut, teaching the same curriculums in the same way every single day? Have you run out of ideas to keep your classes engaging while sticking to the content? Well this session is for you! During these lightning rounds you will learn fresh, new ways to teach our nutrition curriculums from other community nutrition instructors. Join us and learn how to mix up your classes for you and your participants!

Intended Audience: Community Nutrition Instructors

Learning Outcomes: Staff will be able to identify one unique teaching technique they can use in their classes. Staff will develop the confidence to use new ways to engage their participants. Staff will be able to discuss with peers about new ways to facilitate thei

Core Competencies: Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption


PEARS Tips and Tricks: How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

Speakers: Norma Lundeen

Description: This session will cover tips and tricks for reporting in PEARS. Frequently asked questions will be answered and common mistakes will be identified. There will also be time for question and answer.

Intended Audience: All PEARS users

Learning Outcomes: Learn about common mistakes in PEARS and how to avoid them.

Core Competencies: Program Development, Evaluation, and Reporting


Retirement Myths and Facts

Speakers: Brenda LongJinnifer Ortquist       

Description: To reduce confusion about retirement it is important to separate fact from fiction. For many, retirement planning is something that we know is important however it often gets placed on the “back burner” when it comes to our priorities.  To complicate things, consumers often have incorrect information regarding retirement, which can contribute to the lack of planning.  To make sure that you are in the “drivers-seat” of your retirement planning, attend this informative webinar to dispel myths and gain applicable resources.

Intended Audience: While this workshop is ideal for early to mid-career staff who are eager to begin or enhance their retirement planning efforts, it may also provide important considerations for those getting close to retirement.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify unexpected challenges that can impact planning
  • Recognize the importance of calculating how much you will need
  • Describe unexpected expenses during retirement

Core Competencies: Life Skills

Retirement Myths & Facts Presentation

Handouts: Household Budget templateRetirement Income - How much do you need


Self-Care: Barriers, Boundaries and Best-Practices

Speakers: Jaimie Hutchinson, Sean Knurek, Georgina Perry, Jodi Schulz

Description: This session will outline some tools and tips for self-care during the Pandemic. Jaimie Hutchison of MSU's WorkLife Office will be joined by several MSU Extension Educators who will discuss work/life balance while working in various locations. The session will conclude with a Q&A period.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: Learn ways to connect and navigate multiple roles throughout their workplace, career and life transitions. Learn of MSU resources available.

Core Competencies: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Interpersonal and Organizational Professionalism

Attendees are asked to take a self-evaluation prior to the session.

Handouts: Creating Flexible Boundaries; Tangible Tips and Takeaways, Tame Monkey Mind; Time Management Tips;


Transitioning your Advisory Groups Back to Face to Face, Can There be a Hybrid Model?

Speakers: Roxanne Turner

Description: Many staff have asked our team questions such as: How will I transition my committees back face to face? Do I have to do that? Can we remain online or is there a way to do both? Having online meetings was not endorsed as best practice in the past and isn't recommended when following Roberts Rules of Order. However, with all of our recent changes there is a need for some of these rules to change. This session will outline best practice for doing a hybrid of these meetings and share tips and tricks to ensure the meetings are successful and that everyone has equal opportunity to be heard and understood.

Intended Audience: CYI staff

Learning Outcomes: Staff will feel confident as they transition back into face to face meetings and will have guidance in how to quickly adapt in case our situation changes again.

Core Competencies: Program Development, Evaluation, and Reporting; Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption


Volunteer Central: An introduction and Overview

Speakers: Lisa Bottomley, Amber Joseph, Jennifer Weichel

Description: The more you know the more efficient you can be! Learn how to pull reports, look up volunteer numbers, screening tips, update basic information for a volunteer who needs assistance, document volunteer interactions and get those questions answered. Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions before the session so we can address them during the session. There is so much to discover in Volunteer Central!

Intended Audience: MSU Extension Staff across the Institutes including everyone from support staff to District Directors

Learning Outcomes: Basic understanding of Volunteer Central core functions.

  • Understand how to utilize the grid feature in Volunteer Central.
  • Understand how to find, update, and document an incident in a volunteer file in Volunteer Central.
  • Understand how to pull basic

Core Competencies: Physical and Fiscal Resources; Program Development, Evaluation, and Reporting

Handouts: Application Screening Checklist 2-21-20.pdfAccepting a VolunteerReviewing criminal history reportsActivity Status Terms