Breakout Session 3 - Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 9 a.m.

Below you find information for the sessions that will occur during Breakout Session 3 on Wednesday, Sept. 21 from 9-10 a.m.


Building Your Best Colleague

Speakers: Mrs. Ebony Sukarie-Leatrice Lucas, MSW

Building Your Best Colleague is a 45 minute presentation focusing on creating workplace well-being. This powerful session teaches practical tips on how to create your best colleague. You must first create a safe environment where folks feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. Bringing your best self to work and expecting the same from others.  Everyone holds the responsibility to create a good workplace. A place where diversity, equity, and inclusion are valued and celebrated. Building your best colleague will focus on creating a safe workplace. A place where everyone feels comfortable bringing their whole self to work.


Fostering an Inclusive Culture

Speakers: Tina Alonzo

Description: Leaders are in a unique position to build a positive work culture. Inclusive practices require being thoughtful, intentional and committed in order to achieve a respectful and supportive workplace. Although everyone has a responsibility for a positive climate, leaders directly influence and advance the tone and direction of an inclusive culture. This interactive session improves leadership competency and capacity to affect change in culture and climate where all employees and university community members are welcomed, supported, and valued. 


Making the Most of the Time We Have

Speakers: Danielle Hook

Description: Doing more with less has become common place. Since we cannot add hours to our day, what can we do to adapt our working style to need the demand of the moment? This session will explore a collection of simple and easy-to-use time management, task management, and prioritization tactics. We will also consider tips and tricks for implementing small changes that add up to big shifts over time.


The New Library Treasure Map  – Navigating the Library’s new Discovery System

Speakers: Suzi Teghtmeyer

Description: The MSU Library updated the Discover and Catalog infrastructures in Summer 2022. The new system is not-yet streamlined and can be confusing and (maddeningly!) frustrating. Join intrepid agriculture librarian Suzi Teghtmeyer on a quest to navigating the system and discovering elusive information treasures.


The Power of Connection

Speakers:  Jennifer Ritter

Description: The Power of Connections dives into the science of communication. It will discuss topics to improve interpersonal and group communication skills as will as creating a strategy for setting the stage for success when encountering others. Such topics include (but not limited to): Understanding yourself to better understand others (biases and blind spots), brain impact on interactions, listening to others, and perceptions.


The Power of New Thought

Speakers: Lisa Laughman

Description: Too often we try to solve our work and personal life challenges with the same old thoughts, beliefs, rules, and biases. Recognizing and interrupting unhelpful, conditioned thought habits can help you spend more time in the high-quality state of mind essential for fresh, creative, inspired thinking. Just one new thought can change everything and allow for innovation and value-guided change. Come join Lisa Laughman, Resilience Trainer, Coordinator of the Spartan Resilience Training Program.