Breakout Session 1 - Monday, Sept. 27 at 2 p.m.

Below you find session information for the sessions that will happen concurrently during Breakout Session 1 on Monday, Sept. 27 at 2 p.m. During registration, you will have the opportunity to register for one of the sessions below. Sessions will be limited to no more than 75 attendees each, so please consider having a first, second and third option as you get ready to register.

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Ability-Focused Communication: Tips from MSU’s Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

Speakers: Kelsey Foote, Leslie Johnson

Description: Welcoming and accommodating individuals with disabilities in your programming for MSU Extension goes beyond meeting accommodations requests! Join Leslie Johnson, Assistive Director for Assistive Technology, and Kelsey Foote, Ability Access Specialist, from the MSU RCPD to learn about RCPD’s role on campus, disability inclusion, and tips for communicating with people with disabilities. We’ll discuss the importance and impact of identity-first language and person-first language, and present courtesy guidelines for communication. 

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about RCPD processes and resources
  • Understand visible and invisible disabilities
  • Explore communication preferences for people with disabilities

Core Competencies: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


A Call to Action: Evaluating Microaggressions, Laws, and Policies that Affect Youth

Speakers: Brian Johnson

Description: As we advocate for the success of all youth within Michigan State University Extension, there are various challenges that prohibit youth from feeling a sense of belonging. Such challenges can range from microaggressions at the microlevel, to state and federal policies at the macrolevel. The purpose of this workshop is to (1) discuss microaggressions, laws, and policies that affect children’s sense of belonging (2) evaluate how such microaggressions, laws, and policies might serve as barriers to recruitment and retention of participants within Michigan’s 83 counties, and (3) begin to seek paths to advocate for children and youth within our Institutes and beyond.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: Understand and evaluate the microagressions laws and policies that affect children's sense of belonging. Develop a path to advocate for children and youth in response to barriers they face.

Core Competencies: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


The Amazing World of Extension-specific and Related Resources Available Through the MSU Libraries

Speakers: Suzanne Teghtmeyer

Description: The MSU Libraries have developed a guide to the many resources and services available to Extension personnel and Educators in Michigan. Organized by MSUE Institute, it is intended for you to be able to easily locate and utilize electronic and print resources. Subjects range from food safety and nutrition, to teaching and schools, to livestock handling and organic farming, to holding public meetings and invasive species. This will be tour de force of the many resources included in these guides and will cover print, digital and database resources.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: Increased awareness of the many resources available through the MSU Libraries to Extension staff.

Core Competencies: Program Development, Evaluation, and Reporting,Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption


Blending a Virtual D2L Course Site With In-Person Programs

Speakers: Gwyn Shelle

Description: Join this session to learn how you can create a D2L course site to support in-person programs. In D2L you can provide content that is private to your participants including resources, activities, virtual discussions and more! The session will go over the process for creating a course, the MSU Extension course template, and the basics of adding content. In addition to this, you will learn how participants can create an MSU Guest account and enroll in the course.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify opportunities for blending a D2L course site with an in-person program
  • Explain the process for creating a D2L course site
  • Identify D2L course content and activities that can supplement an in-person

Core Competencies: Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption


Editing and Graphic Design for MSU Extension

Speakers: Patty AdamsLaryssa Green, Rebecca Hulbert, Rebecca McKee

Description: The MSU Extension Educational Materials Team (EMT) helps MSU Extension authors create polished, readable, beautiful, and effective products to support MSU Extension programming and community needs. They are professionals with decades of experience in editing, design, curriculum design, and project management. Join the EMT members during this time for an informal drop-in Q&A opportunity to ask questions or get advice on your educational materials.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: Streamline the writing and production process for your educational project.

Core Competencies: Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption



Improve Your...Um...Public Speaking

Speakers: Beth Clawson, Kellie Jordan, Darren Bagley

Description: Improve your... um...public speaking and ... ah...teaching skills for presentations, videos, and ... um...podcasts. Join this cross institute panel discussion as we explore the challenges of fending off filler words in our speech and teaching sessions.  We will spend time discussing listening to, recording, and editing recorded presentations when loaded with filler words. Acquire speaking skills to deliver an uncluttered presentation that is free from ums and ahs saving you and the recording editor hours of labor.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: Improved public speaking/teaching skills

Core Competencies: Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption,Interpersonal and Organizational Professionalism


Michigan Extension Disaster Education Network: Developing resources across institutes and work teams

Speakers: Josh Gunn, Joyce McGarry, Audrey Gagner

Description: Michigan Extension Disaster Education Network is a developing effort within MSU Extension as a part of the National EDEN network. One of the challenges with developing such an initiative across institutes and work teams is helping staff understand how MI EDEN efforts can compliment and align with existing work team/institute initiatives. We will go over the national EDEN model, goals of the MI EDEN effort, and steps to take at the individual and work team level to support the development of materials that help communities prepare for and recover from disasters.

Intended Audience: Educators, Program Instructors, CNIs

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Know about the national EDEN network, and who participates from MSU Extension
  2. Know how to tag articles and other resources so they show up in programmatic pages, as well as MI EDEN resource page
  3. How to participate with EDEN activities into the future

Core Competencies: Partnerships and Collaborations,Program Development, Evaluation, and Reporting,Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption


Nutrition-Keeping It Fresh!

Speakers: Erika Garner, Kristi Evans, A Panel of CNIs

Description: Feel like you are in a rut, teaching the same curriculums in the same way every single day? Have you run out of ideas to keep your classes engaging while sticking to the content? Well this session is for you! During these lightning rounds you will learn fresh, new ways to teach our nutrition curriculums, online and in-person, from other community nutrition instructors. Join us and learn how to mix up your classes for you and your participants!

Intended Audience: HNI-CNIs

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Staff will be able to identify one unique teaching technique they can use in their classes.
  2. Staff will develop the confidence to use new ways to engage their participants.
  3. Staff will be able to discuss with peers about new ways to facilitate their classes.

Core Competencies: Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption


Sharpen your Writing Skills for Maximum Impact

Speakers: Julie Ford

Description: Do you get stuck generating ideas when you write? Struggle to edit and polish your writing? You're not alone! This workshop will help you apply strategies to get unstuck, start the words flowing, and then fine-tune your final draft into a well-written piece.

Intended Audience: Attendees whose jobs include writing articles

Learning Outcomes: To apply various strategies related to prewriting and editing one's own work

Core Competencies: Interpersonal and Organizational Professionalism


Strengthening Public and Private Partnerships for a More Resilient and Just Food System in Rural & Urban Communities Across Michigan

Speakers: Maria Graziani, Jamie Rahrig, Parker Jones, Mariel Borgman

Description: COVID 19 has shown us there is a lack of resilience in our food system’s ability to supply food to all when national/global supply chains are compromised. Through this multi-sector, rural-urban food system partnership, we are increasing local technical assistance to food and ag entrepreneurs, connecting communities with an array of statewide food networks, and facilitating sharing of lessons learned across rural and urban contexts. In this session learn how the Food SPICE project is impacting food and farm businesses from the UP to SW Michigan, to increase sales, number of customers, and make local food production, processing, marketing, and distribution more efficient and profitable for all.

Intended Audience: Those interested in improving agricultural production and local food consumption.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Connecting Extension, Product Center, CRFS and Community Resources to a statewide project to improve value chains of food production and consumption
  2. A look at shared measures across project partners. Collecting data together and making impact.
  3. USDA Regional Food System Partnership Grant demands, reporting and successful program outcomes.
  4. Improving outreach and education to meet the needs of BIPOC producers and food entrepreneurs.

Core Competencies: Partnerships and Collaborations,Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Unconscious Bias in Teams and Supervision

Speakers: Lynnette Lammers, MSU Transforming Theatre Ensemble

Description: Come join the MSU Transforming Theatre Ensemble (TTE) as they present a series of short scenes to kick off much needed conversation and collaborative problem-solving around the topic of unconscious bias in the contexts of teams and supervision.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: Ways to recognize unconscious bias in teams and supervision and ways to respond.

Core Competencies: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


VEND Cash Register System

Speakers: Kelli Kolasa, Amy Refior

Description: Discuss important process and procedures regarding the VEND system. Learn more about opening/closing register, performing sales, accepting checks/running credit card sales, preparing and submitting deposit reports.

Intended Audience: County support staff and anyone who uses VEND

Learning Outcomes: To feel more comfortable using VEND and to know who to ask questions if you have them.

Core Competencies: Physical and Fiscal Resources