Breakout Session 4 - Thursday, Oct 1 at 9 a.m.

Below you find session information for the fourteen sessions that will happen concurrently during Breakout Session 4 on Thursday, Oct. 1 at 9 a.m. During registration, you will have the opportunity to register for one of the sessions below. Sessions will be limited to no more than 50 attendees each, so please consider having a first, second and third option as you get ready to register.

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Adult Learning Theory - Zoom Style!

Speakers: Erin Moore, Shari Spoelman

Description: This session will focus on how adult learning theory can be used in your virtual learning platform. Learn how to keep you participants engaged. You'll learn different ways to use zoom in online program design, and the theory around why it is necessary.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: How to keep participants engaged and different ways to incorporate zoom in online program design.

Core Competencies: Program Development, Evaluation, and Reporting


First Take: Virtual Tour of MSU's Urban Ag Research Center

Speakers: Naim Edwards

Description: In 2017, MSU began formally developing it's first urban agriculture center in Detroit named the MSU - Detroit Partnership for Food, Learning, and Innovation. The tour will feature video of the inside of our learning center and outdoor spaces including a native plant garden, vegetable plots, and soil management research plots. The tour also features a slideshow presentation on history and future plans for the site.

Intended Audience: Farmers, educators, researchers, southeast Michigan attendees

Learning Outcomes: Participants will become more familiar with activity at the Detroit site and MSU Extension programming related to urban agriculture.

Core Competencies: Team Work and Leadership; Partnerships and Collaborations; Program Development, Evaluation, and Reporting; Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


International Study: It's UnBelizeable!

Speakers: Katie Courtade, Melissa Haug, Mollie Hogg, Dixie Sandborn

Description: Join us for a virtual study abroad program journey through Belize: It's UnBelizeable! You will learn how to improve your understanding of diverse cultures through experiences. We will provide suggestions on how to incorporate an understanding of diversity into your programs. We will provide you with tips on how to step out of your comfort zone to get the most out of your travel experiences. Learn how study abroad can make you a better employee through teamwork, leadership skills, and communication.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: Experience and expand your personal horizon and understanding of different cultures and places. Appreciate that “different” is not wrong or inferior and may even be better.  Staff will consider international experiences to enhance their knowledge.

Core Competencies: Team Work and Leadership; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Leading from any Chair

Speakers: Jordan Burroughs, Lindsey Garner, Ritchie Harrison

Description: Leadership is interactive and transactional, and it is not restricted to only the formally designated team leader. Everyone has the opportunity to be a leader, regardless of your title or position. When we think of leadership as being based on formal authority and control, it often prevents us from realizing the benefits of shared leadership. Do your actions or inactions reinforce the traditional role of a formal leader? Do you think it’s the formal team leader’s role to raise and resolve challenges or provide difficult feedback to team members? Do you see problems within your team or organization, but expect others to address them? In the book “The Art of the Possibility,” Benjamin Zander describes a concept he calls “leading from any chair”. He discovered that an orchestra could achieve peak performance when its members are able to suggest better ways to play a piece. As Zander explains, in order for an organization (or team) to truly move forward together, everyone must play a role and actively contribute. Leading from any chair is about empowerment and action on the behalf of all team members which often results in more productive and effective teams. During this session, we will explore the complex notion of leadership and provide strategies to help you lead from wherever you are and propel our teams and organization forward.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: Ways to provide leadership in any position, and with any title

Core Competencies: Team Work and Leadership


Listening vs. Hearing: From Interviews to Conversations

Speakers: Kraig Ehm

Description: The session would cover improving interviews/conversations by "hearing" instead of "listening" to the person being interviewed. Conversation techniques to increase the quality of what is written or produced about MSU Extension by MSU Extension.

Intended Audience: Anyone who interviews people for a living.

Learning Outcomes: "Interviews" or "conversations" would improve, helping to get the word out about the programming of MSU Extension.

Core Competencies: Partnerships and Collaborations; Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption

Marketing & Communications for MSU Extension County Support Staff

Speakers: Dennis Bond, Becky McKendry, Mindy Tape, Beth StueverJamie Wilson

Description: Update on the MSU Extension Statewide Marketing Initiative. Discussion with county support staff on their ideas, challenges, questions and needs surrounding marketing to and communicating within their local areas.

Intended Audience: County Support Staff and others who are interested in the marketing initiative

Learning Outcomes: Become better acquainted with Communications staff for MSU Extension, better able to access the resources located there, and learn to better able to represent MSU Extension and communicate and market MSU Extension to their clientele.

Core Competencies: Partnerships and Collaboration; Program Development, Evaluation, and Reporting; Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Mindful Laughter

Speakers: Tracie Abram

Description: Learn the importance of mirthful laughter and how it benefits you physically, emotionally and socially.  You will learn about the therapeutic history of laughter and how to incorporate laughter and playfulness into your daily routine to become more resilient to stress.  Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment without judgment. When was the last time you had a good laugh? 

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes: How to utilize laughter to become more resilient to stress

Core Competencies: Life Skills


Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS): Exploring Opportunities and Contributions at the Local, Regional and National Levels

Speakers: Jessica Diaz, Eli Hugghis, Christian Henry, Dolores Perales, Ayodele Dare, Dr. Quentin TylerStephanie Chau

Description: Looking for opportunities to support, partner, and join underrepresented communities making an impact in agriculture and natural resources fields? Come learn more about this outstanding national organization that was founded right here at Michigan State University over 30 years ago. MANRRS mission is to promote academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. Join MANRRS student and professional leaders involved in all levels of the organization for an informational session about MANRRS and its impact on their lives and success. Participants will learn how to get involved in MANRRS as well as some of the many contributions of minorities in agriculture and natural resources. Spartans will make an impact in the MANRRS organization!

Intended Audience: All FEC attendees

Learning Outcomes: Learn more about MANRRS and opportunities to partner / collaborate

Core Competencies: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


MSU Extensions Evolving Virtual Environment for Falls Prevention

Speakers: Anita Carter, Dawn Contreras

Description: MSU Extension's virtual environment for fall prevention programs quickly evolved and received national attention for being a trailblazer in course delivery through the National Commission on Aging and the Administration of Community Living. This session will highlight lessons learned for online program delivery, with specific details for administering physical activity virtually. Learn how our anticipated outcomes were exceeded. Join for a virtual demonstration of the evidenced-based fall prevention program, Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention and experience the many benefits, such as increased strength, relaxation, laughter, and social fun. Additionally, we will do a demonstration of our live statewide referral mechanism that serves individuals, friends and family, and health care providers.

Intended Audience: Attendees interested in virtual program delivery and referral mechanisms. Older adults and older adults with disabilities.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Best practices for facilitating physical activity online
  • Lessons learned when transitioning from face to face to an online platform
  • Online referral forms
  • Understanding the older adult population in Michigan and the impact of falls
  • Increase personal development through Tai Chi 

Core Competencies: Partnerships and Collaborations; Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption


Sharpening Our DEI Lens: What do White Fragility and Anti-Racism got to do with it?

Speakers: Abby Harper, Dionardo Pizana, Edward Scott

Description: The scholarship and research of authors Dr. Robin DiAngelo (White Fragility) and Dr. Ibram Kendi (How to be an Anti-Racist) provide us with important information to guide us along our DEI journey. Using the work of these authors and the Four Levels of Isms and Change framework (personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural), this webinar will assist participants to name and identify possible barriers toward equity and inclusion. Additionally, participants will identify applicable action goal(s) to move toward positive change. Please Note: This session will run for 90 minutes and is limited to 22 participants.

Intended Audience: All FEC Attendees

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about White Fragility
  • Learn about what it means to be anti-racist
  • Develop an understanding of barriers and opportunities for equity based outcomes
  • Apply learnings to our personal and professional lives

Core Competencies: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


The Basics of Buying Local Meats - Is it an Affordable Option for Family Food Security?

Speakers: Kevin Gould, Jeannine Schweihofer

Description: Recent challenges with in food distribution and processing have left many consumers finding empty shelves or product unavailable for family food needs. Meat protein was affected by the recent food security challenges that resulted from Covid 19. This session will provided resources for Extension staff to assist families with meat purchasing decision and help support local food production networks.

Intended Audience: HNI, CYI and other FEC attendees

Learning Outcomes: Lean how to purchase and store local meats to assist with family food security

Core Competencies: Educational Delivery and Technology Adoption


Understanding Post-Award at Michigan State University

Speakers: MSU's Contract and Grant Administration

Description: Presenters from MSU’s Contract and Grant Administration will showcase how to navigate the fundamental tools and processes for post-award activities such as account set-up, prior approvals, expense allowability, Account Explorer, monitoring and oversight, and cost share/effort.

Intended Audience: Individuals interested in having a deeper understanding of the administrative requirements of managing grants and contracts.

Learning Outcomes: Learn more about the post-award process

Core Competencies: Physical and Fiscal Resources

Handout: PresentationAccount Explorer


Waste Warriors: Reducing Trash and Expanding Partnerships

Speakers: Katie Deska, Meaghan Gass, James Ives

Description: Reducing waste can help prevent marine debris (anything human made) from entering the Great Lakes. It also helps keep trash, such as food waste, out of landfills where it breaks down as methane gas and contributes to climate change. In this interactive session, we will highlight why it is important to reduce waste and share resources. We will also brainstorm ways the MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center (SSRC) can support MSU Extension's work around the state and how MSU Extension can help further the impact of SSRC and increase county connections across Michigan.

Intended Audience: Extension educators, program instructors, county support staff, and others who are interested in reducing program waste, assisting communities with waste mitigation, finding opportunities for reuse, and promoting zero waste education.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will understand the impact of marine debris in the Great Lakes and ocean; learn more about resources available through MSU and MSU Extension; and build relationships with MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center.

Core Competencies: Team Work and Leadership; Partnerships and Collaborations

Visit ‚Äčto access the Google Site filled with links connected to this presentation, how to sign up as a Waste Warrior and resources related to the MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center.


Youth Safety in Virtual Learning Environments

Speakers: Christine Heverly, Laurie Rivetto

Description: As an organization that focuses on positive youth development, youth safety is always at the forefront of our programming planning and implementation. Virtual program presents new challenges around keeping youth safe. During this session, participants will learn about best practices and strategies to use when programming virtually with youth, as well as learn about the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and how that impacts our work. Understand components of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act that impact Extension programming

Intended Audience: Attendees that program with any youth audiences

Learning Outcomes: Participants will:

  • Learn best practices around youth safety in virtual settings including social media
  • Explore strategies to maintain youth safety when programming virtually
  • Understand components of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act that impact Extension Programming

Core Competencies: Program Development, Evaluation, and Reporting

Handouts: Youth SafetyResources