Sera Bora, Tanzania

Principal Investigator



SERA BORA, Better Policy in English, works to accelerate Tanzania’s adoption of more effective policies and programs in order to drive growth of the agricultural sector, improve household food security and nutrition, and reduce poverty. Over the past decade, Tanzania has had rapid economic growth, but smallholder farmer productivity continues to be low, with endemic rural poverty, malnutrition and inequality. SERA BORA aims to strengthen the policy environment to address smallholder access to basic public goods such as land rights, availability of inputs, and a limited ability for private sector and civil society to participate in the policy process.


  • To increase coordination and collaboration in policy activities will enhance the pace of policy reforms and strengthen public-private partnership.
  • To create a more enabling environment for formulating and implementing agricultural sector policies in Tanzania.
  • Strengthening human and institutional capacity to analyze emerging policy issues and inform evidence-based decision making.

Start Date

January 1, 2020

Anticipated End Date

December 31, 2024


  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Tanzania Mission

Partnering institutions

  • The Agriculture Sector Policy and Institutional Reforms Strengthening (ASPIRES)
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
  • International Food Policy Research Institute
  • Sokoine University of Agriculture
  • Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre
  • President’s Office for Regional Administration and Local Government