Additional Publications and Presentations from October 1, 2017–January 31, 2018

All other publications and presentations from the October 1, 2017–January 31, 2018, period are available in the FSG Quarterly Updates, February 2018.


T.S. Jayne, Felix Kwame Yeboah, and Carla Henry. 2017. 
The Future of Work in African Agriculture: Trends and Drivers of Change.
International Labour Office, Working Paper No. 25, December 2017

Christine M. Sauer, Nicole M. Mason, Mywish K. Maredia, and Rhoda Mofya-Mukuka. 2018
Impacts of Legume Technologies on Food Security: Evidence from Zambia. IAPRI Working Paper No. 133, January 2018

Hambulo Ngoma, Paul Samboko, Chewe Nkonde, and Davison Gumbo. 2017
The Value of Non-Timber Forest Products in Zambia: Indirect and Non-Use Benefits. IAPRI Working Paper No. 131. December 2017

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Irrigation Development for Climate Resilience in Zambia: The Known Knowns and Known Unknowns. IAPRI Working Paper No. 130. December 2017.


Ben Belton, Melissa Marschke, and Peter Vandergeest
Geographies of Labor on Myanmar’s Marine Resource Frontier
Agrifood XXIV conference
Bandung, Indonesia, December 3-5, 2017

Ben Belton (MSU), Mateusz Filipski (IFPRI), Aung Tun Oo, Aung Tun (CESD)
Myanmar’s Rapid Rural Transformation: Evidence from the Delta & Dry Zone
Agrifood XXIV conference
Bandung, Indonesia, December 3-5, 2017

Mateusz Filipski, Ben Belton, Sithu Kyaw, and Eaindra Theint Thu
Domestic and International Migration in Myanmar: Determinants and Consequences
Agrifood XXIV conference
Bandung, Indonesia, December 3-5, 2017

T.S. Jayne, Nicole Mason, William Burke, Joshua Ariga
Agricultural Input Subsidy Programs in Africa: A Review of Recent Evidence
Guest lecture, Princeton University, Tim Searchinger Sustainable Food Systems Course
Princeton, NJ, November 13, 2017