Poverty, malnutrition and resulting poor health are highly connected. FSG research shows that agriculture policy can play a role in reducing the burden of malnutrition and ill-health.

FSG focuses on documenting and evaluating different agricultural interventions that have the potential to improve maternal and child nutrition. It recommends policies that can improve diet quality among the poorest and most vulnerable members of society, including infants, young children, and women. These include interventions focused on agricultural production and diversification (such as homestead food garden programs, bio-fortification, fortification of processed foods), as well as policies focused on strengthening the linkages between the agriculture, nutrition, and health sectors of government.

Publications and Presentations

  • Nutritional Implications of Dietary Patterns in Mali

    Published on April 17, 2020

    Melinda Smale, Veronique Theriault, Amidou Assima, Yenizie Kone, 2020. Nutritional Implications of Dietary Patterns in Mali, FSP Policy Research Brief 117, East Lansing: Michigan State University.