Horses, Ponies, Draft Horses & Mules

Welcome to the world of Hillsdale County 4-H Horse, Ponies, Draft Horses, and Mules. 

A primary goal of the Horse Leaders Committee is to make this a positive learning experience for every 4-H member and his or her family.

The Hillsdale County 4-H Horse Program will help children accomplish the following:

  • Experience the pride and responsibility of owning and/or caring for a horse or pony.
  • Promote humane treatment and attitude toward all animals.
  • Develop knowledge and proficiency in all aspects of the appropriate care of their horse or pony including but not limited to; feeding, housing, health care, grooming, training, fitting, showing and breeding.
  • Appreciate horseback riding as a healthy form of leisure activity.
  • Develop leadership, initiative, self-confidence, sportsmanship, and respect for themselves and for others.
  • Learn citizenship through working together in groups and supporting community horse project activities and events.
  • Explore career opportunities in the equine field and develop and achieve career goals.


Information and Forms

4-H Horse Identification Certificate

Leasing Equine Animals as 4-H Projects

2024 Horse Camp Application



Picture of a horse

Hillsdale County Horse and Pony Project Book

August 10, 2023

Properly kept records will give you a clear picture of what you have done in your horse project work. Download the 2023 project book and keep this record as part of your 4-H project and activities.

Front cover of rules booklet

Show Rules & Regulations

April 1, 2022

The 4-H horse and pony project uniform rules are written to standardize the judging and evaluation of 4-H horse shows across Michigan and the State 4-H Horse Show.


Hillsdale County 4-H Equine Project Rulebook

May 10, 2017

This manual, containing the written policies and rules governing horse project activities in Hillsdale County, is intended to assist volunteer leaders within the horse project areas. I