Hillsdale County 4-H Sheep Project

The Hillsdale County 4-H Sheep Project is a great project for those wanting exposure to animal science. There are two main types of Sheep Projects that a Hillsdale County 4-H member may choose. A sheep breeding project is a long-term project while the market lamb project involves the 4-H member caring for the lamb through the growing phase. 

Sheep projects provide youth with opportunities to expand their knowledge of the sheep industry, production and, more importantly, develop many life skills.   As 4-H youth feed, train, show and care for sheep project animals, they learn about sheep breeds, selection, grooming, production, management, marketing, reproduction, health, and agribusiness careers. 

 Forms and Information


Sheep Scrapie Tag Form

4-H Sheep Project Snapshot

4-H Sheep Production & Management


Hillsdale County Market Sheep Project Report

May 14, 2014

Properly keeping records will give you a clear picture of what you have done in your market sheep project work. Keep this record as part of your 4-H project and activities.