Forest Inventory and Analysis

Hiring Organization: Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Oklahoma
Application Due Date: November 30, 2023

Job Description

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF) is seeking a full time Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Forester in the Forestry Division. This position (PIN #04000151) is in state government, located in Oklahoma City, OK. The State of Oklahoma offers a comprehensive Benefits Package, including a generous benefit allowance to offset the cost of insurance premiums for employees and their eligible dependents. The hourly salary for this position is up to $22.07 based on education and experience.

This position will cover multiple counties across Oklahoma. The home territory for this position will be determined upon hire.

Basic Purpose

This position will work as a one-to-two-person crew to locate forestry inventory plots across the state; visit each plot, identify, and measure trees and evaluate forest health while collecting a variety of data as a part of the US Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis program.

Typical Functions

  • To locate historical research sites

  • Identification of tree species

  • Collect data, such as tree volume, extent, and health.

  • Report collected data to the USFS.

  • Communication with landowners and public.

  • Regular usage of GPS units, maps, and portable data recorders.

  • Cooperation with and participating in Oklahoma Forestry programs

Willingness to travel and learn on the job are essential. This job includes a six-month training period during which the incumbent will work to earn a certification with the US Forest Service.

Level Description

This is the basic level of this job family where incumbent will be assigned responsibilities involving beginning level professional Forestry work primarily related to collection of forest data inventory and growth. This will include analyzing forest resource conditions and communication with landowners.

Education and Experience

Requirements at this level consist of a bachelor’s degree in forestry or a related natural resources degree.

Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities

Requirements at this level include basic forestry skills or basic field methods familiarity, working in and traversing through challenging terrain and weather while focusing on precise data collection. Ability to function as part of a team or solo during data collection and data transmission.

Physical Demands and Work Environment

This position requires extensive travel for 4 days a week (up to 90% of the year) and field work in all weather conditions while carrying heavy equipment (up to 50 lbs.). The position will require extensive hiking through difficult terrain and in some instances, incumbent may wade through water where other access is not available.

Special Requirements

Selected applicant must possess valid Oklahoma driver’s license at time of employment and maintain throughout employment.

Incumbent must pass FIA certification within 6 months through USFS.