Sawyer Operator

Hiring Organization: Hardwood Solutions, Inc.
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Chelsea, MI
Application Due Date: November 30, 2023

Company Description

Hardwood Solutions, Inc. is an industrial processor of hardwood lumber and is seeking a Sawyer Operator to work in our production plant. The candidate will make decisions to optimize hardwood resources, focusing on both, value driven results and customer requirements. This position is in a production setting, located in Chelsea, MI and pays a $55,000 salary. For top performers, a bonus in addition to salary is possible within the first year.

To Apply

Send cover letter and resume to:
Mahan Leadership Development at HIS at:


Salary: $55,000 with potential for a $ bonus in the first year
Full health and dental insurance
401 K with match
8 paid holidays plus 1-2 weeks vacation in first year


1.Operate rip optimization equipment, determine which rip solutions best optimize yield and value
2.Configure tooling to facilitate the rip process of work orders
3.Analyze solution results and adjust as necessary for run results to match that of the work order
4.Calibrate settings of equipment to achieve specifications and tolerances
5.Lead line staff in processing work orders in a safe and productive manner


1.Mentally agility
2.Spatial awareness
3.Pace setter
4.Attention to detail and protocols
5.Ability to engage in repetitive motion
6.Team leader
8.Troubleshooting and decision making
9.Maintenance of tools workspace and equipment in good order
10.Familiarity with appropriate technology and software
11.Organized thought process
12.Ability to stand for long periods and to lift heavy objects
13.Strong verbal and written communication