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Master Gardener Support:

If your non-profit organization would like the assistance of Extension Master Gardener volunteers, please download this form, Project_request-community.pdf.

Donations are welcomed to offset operating costs for the Kalamazoo County Master Gardener Program. You may download this form,Donation forms  or contact Wrifton Graham, Interim Coordinator, for more information at

Kalamazoo Master Gardener Association (KCMGA)

The Kalamazoo County Master Gardener Association (KCMGA) is a group of certified Master Gardeners who meet throughout the year for community service, education and social networking. The KCMGA sponsors summer garden walks in the community showcasing a variety of gardens and sponsors a bus trip each summer that is open to members and the public.

2020 General Membership Meeting Dates:

Membership meetings will be held on the third Monday of January, March, September, October and November. Speaker program begins at 7:00 p.m. followed by networking and a business meeting. A potluck is held beginning at 6:30 pm in September. 

Board of Directors:

President:      Flo Friender - 329-3275 or

Vice President (Programs):  Patti Pittman - 290-8838 or

Secretary:      Julie Simonds - 269-370-7885 or

Treasurer:      Shawn Willis - 720-5712 or

Membership:  Kathy Bielecki  352-5924 or

Newsletter:     Bob & Miriam Bauserman 353-3280 or

Finance Committee Chair:   Renee Healy 330-7564 or   

Director at Large:     Arleigh Smyrnios 329-9379 or    

Interim Program Coordinator: Wrifton Graham, 383-8815 or


Michigan Master Gardener Association:

Digging Deeper - Gardening Information

Have a gardening question? Contact the Master Gardener Helpline, or at 888-678-3464 for answers.