The Horticulture track took place daily, Monday through Friday, from 12-1 p.m., with an additional session on Friday at 1 p.m. Below you will find a listing of the sessions, along with the session recordings and any handouts that were shared by the speakers. 

Continuing education hours were available for MSU Extension Master Gardeners for the daily sessions at Noon in this track. The Veterans in Hort/Ag session on Friday was NOT eligible. Each eligible session counted as .75 hours.

All sessions in this track were eligible for CCA credits as indicated below. RUP credits were approved for specific sessions as noted below.

Monday, February 15

12 p.m. - Managing Your Woodlot        

Julie Crick

The “Managing Your Woodlot” presentation will provide you the contacts and context necessary to make informed decisions about forest management on your property.  More specifically, the presentation will cover the importance of hiring a consulting forester, how to find a consulting forester, points to consider when creating a contract for harvesting timber as well as basic forest management guidelines and techniques.
*1 Professional Development CEU 
Handout - Managing Your Woodlot Resources


Tuesday, February 16

12 p.m. - Native Plants to Promote Pollinators             

Beth Clawson

Beneficial insects and pollinators and native plants are adapted to Michigan.   These insects ecosystem services that supports agriculture and gardening. Learn how to modify fence rows and gardens to attract beneficial insects and native pollinators.    
Session Handout
*1 Credit - 1A, Comm CORE, Priv Core
*1 Professional Development CEU 

Wednesday, February 17

12 p.m. Soil Fertility and Testing  

Mike Staton        

This session will be a basic introduction to soil fertility. We will cover essential nutrients, soil testing, soil test reports, soil pH and fertilizer application rate calculations.
*.5 Nutrient Management CEU 
*.5 Soil & Water Management CEU

Thursday, February 18

12 p.m. - Home Irrigation

Ron Goldy

Home irrigation efforts should no longer consist of oscillating and circular overhead sprinklers at the end of a garden hose. Modern, drip irrigation techniques are a much more convenient and efficient use of time and water resources. This session will introduce you to the basics of design, equipment, installation, and use of landscape and garden drip irrigation.  
*1 Credit - 1A, 1B, Comm CORE, Priv CORE
*1 Soil & Water Management CEU 

Friday, February 19

12 p.m. - Home Beekeeping

Ana Heck

Are you curious about what it takes to become a beekeeper? Learn about the many factors to consider before deciding if beekeeping is right for you. This presentation will cover the first steps for getting started with beekeeping as well as steps everyone can take to support pollinators.
*1 Credit - 1A, 1B, Comm CORE, Priv CORE
*1 Professional Development CEU


1 pm. - Veterans in AG / Horticulture

Chris Imler

Nearly 200,000 military service members re-enter the civilian job market every year. Many of them are turning to careers in agriculture to take advantage of their military skillsets or prior farm experience. In this session, learn about the most in-demand resources for veteran farmers, where to find them, and how to use them.