4-H Scholarships & Applications

Scholarships are available for 4-H workshops and events. Some events may require you to pre-pay for the event and then seek reimbursement for scholarships. The sooner you get the applications filled out (once you know you are attending an event), the better. Applications should be filled out and sent in to the MSU Extension office. If you have any questions, at any time, please contact the office at 989-831-7500


Here are the available scholarship applications:

4-H College Scholarship application

Scholarship Application (Approval / Funding through Advisory Council)

Scholarship Application (Approval / Funding through MSU Extension)

Service Learning grant application

4-H Recruitment grant application


County Award Applications:


Earl Peterson 4-H'er of the Year application.  If you'd prefer to complete your application online, please download this checklist prior to initiating the online application, to assist you in being better prepared to submit the application.  There needs to be at least two different reference forms completed and sent to the office, to go along with your application submission.

Special Awards Nomination form

County Certificate application

County Medal application