Coaching and Assistance

Bring the NCI Charrette System™ to Your Next Project

Whether you have taken an NCI training course or are encountering the charrette process for the first time, NCI offers the level of support that will allow you to collaborate with confidence. The NCI Faculty work — behind the scenes or up front — with new charrette managers and with experienced managers engaging in a complex project. We are available to train, coach and support you throughout your project, and can be available on site or via phone and email to ensure success and to avoid the mistakes often encountered in collaborative efforts.

While we always tailor our support approach to address each project’s specific needs, below are some of the services that NCI commonly offers. Email or call us to discuss your unique project needs.

Project Start-Up Intensive

Projects that are conceived of and organized collaboratively will run more smoothly — saving time and money. The Project Start-Up Intensive creates a focused team approach to project management that will guide the project through the inevitable hurdles that it faces on the way to approvals and implementation.

The project sponsor and project partners come together for an intensive start-up meeting. In this meeting, the group completes a series of assessment and organization exercises to plan the project, beginning with high-level guiding principles and ending with a detailed project process roadmap. The resulting roadmap identifies how the project will be conducted, including who will be involved and how, a list of base data work, and a description of the charrette process and products. This information can then be used to create a scope of work and estimated budget to guide management of the project.

Pre-Charrette Oversight and Assistance

Following the Project Start-Up Intensive, NCI can stay with the project team throughout the process, assisting staff in the execution of the stakeholder outreach and engagement and base data research. The NCI will check that all preparation and scheduling is on track and the team successfully becomes charrette-ready.

Charrette Coaching

The NCI can assist behind the scenes to coach and support staff during the charrette event. We monitor all phases of the charrette, including public meeting facilitation, studio set-up and management, public participation, design team process, production and presentation.

Contact NCI to discuss your unique needs or to request additional information.