Strategic Planning

Beyond Vision to Action

All too often considerable resources are spent on creating strategic plans only to have them sit on the shelf. The NCI Charrette System brings its collaboration-by-design model to the development of strategic plans that are innovative, measurable and result in action.

From the initial phase of building consensus on values and priorities through to Board approval of a Strategic Final Action Plan, the NCI Charrette System ensures a result that is rapidly actionable and supported by key stakeholders and donors. The NCI’s unique three-feedback-loop system ensures extensive and efficient involvement by management, staff, volunteers, Board and contributors — resulting in broad support and a comprehensive strategic solution.

Key Strategies

  • Feasibility checks at each review cycle.
  • Prioritized implementation plans within strategic focus areas.
  • Initiatives held accountable against agreed-upon metrics.
  • Resource availability checks incorporated into the plan across focus areas.
  • Implementation monitoring through an ongoing collaborative process.

Key Benefits

  • Earlier entry to donors’ funding cycles enabled by an accelerated planning process.
  • Realistic plans based on timely input.
  • Maximal review time with minimal meeting time.

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