How IR-4 can help you

Do you have a pest problem that requires new tools for management?

Anyone who has a need for a pest control agent for a specialty crop, or a minor use on a major crop, that must be approved by EPA (chemical, microbial, biopesticide or transgenic product) can ask for IR-4’s assistance.


How to interact with IR-4 to communicate needs and track progress


Submitting a project request

To access IR-4 initially and discuss your needs, we suggest you contact your state IPM program, your state IR-4 liaison representative, or the Field Research Coordinator for the NC Region at MSU (Nicole Soldan). Representatives of the agrochemical industry are barred from submitting proposals. If the need and proposed solution appear reasonable, they can assist in submitting a formal Project Request with IR-4.


How to Submit a Project Clearance Request


How to Nominate Projects for the Food Use Workshop


Prioritization of requests

IR-4 typically receives more requests for assistance than can be addressed with available funding. Project requests are first assessed by IR-4 headquarters for national need and then discussed with both the registrant (manufacturer) to determine their level of interest in amending the label of their product to include the new use, and with EPA to discover any potential barriers to the proposed new registration.


Regional meeting

Projects requests and priorities are discussed at the annual regional meeting (generally held in August at MSU). Those projects that receive support are then forwarded to IR-4 headquarters. Any interested person is welcome to attend.


Annual workshops

The final critical step occurs at the annual IR-4 Food Use Workshop held in the fall and attended by growers and grower’s group, state and federal pest managers, and industry representatives. At this national meeting, the requests for each region are discussed and prioritized.

The final research planning meeting is held a month or so later at NC State University where approved projects are assigned to specific field researchers and analytical labs.


The IR-4 Food Use Workshop Process


Tracking the progress of a project

The progress of on-going projects can be checked at the IR-4 National Program website. After the project is completed, the data will be reviewed at IR-4 Headquarters and submitted to EPA in a petition to add the new use(s) to the pesticide label.

IR-4 Research Cycle Diagram.JPG

Figure courtesy of the IR-4 Project