2014 North Central Regional Aquaculture Conference coming soon

The annual NCRAC conference will provide a format for the regional aquaculture industry to interact and to learn about current and future opportunities in the growing industry.

The North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC) and the Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana Aquaculture Associations will spAquaculture facility image.onsor the 2014 North Central Regional Aquaculture Conference scheduled for February 22-23, 2014 in Toledo, Ohio. The conference will bring in a variety of expert speakers from across the North Central Region (NCR) of the U.S., including the aquaculture industry, university research and extension, and numerous agencies that work with aquaculture. Sessions at the conference will include getting started in aquaculture, developing a business plan, methods for producing various fish species, nutrition/feeding, water quality, fish health, aquaponics, recirculating aquaculture systems and marketing an aquaculture product.

The conference will provide relevant information for aquaculture operations to positively enhance their economic bottom line and allow for networking opportunities between industry, aquaculture associations, agencies, and academia to strengthen cooperation and advance aquaculture in the region. It will also provide an opportunity for technology transfer of NCRAC funded research projects to the NCR aquaculture community.

Young fish in glass container image.At this conference Michigan Sea Grant and Michigan State University Extension will provide presentations on “Aquatic Invasive Species-Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Verification and Certification” and “Iodine as an Egg Disinfectant to Prevent VHS-Biosecurity and HACCP Outreach” on projects that have been funded by NCRAC. In addition, a presentation will be given on “A Strategic Plan for a Thriving and Sustainable Michigan Aquaculture” as a result of an integrated assessment project funded by a Michigan Sea Grant. This specific project can serve as a model for other states that are exploring the expansion of aquaculture to help enhance their states’ economies.

An aquaculture trade show will be at the conference, giving attendees additional opportunities to gain insight on products and services to enhance their aquaculture operations. The conference will provide an opportunity for all members of the regional aquaculture industry to interact and to learn about current and future opportunities in the industry.

Additional information on the North Central Regional Aquaculture Conference can be found at http://ohioaquaculture.org/events.html.

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