2020-21 FCWG Learning Exchange Series: Ecosystem Services Markets Conceived and Designed for Agriculture: Scaling Impacts

In this webinar, speakers Debbie Reed and Stacy Cushenbery of Ecosystem Services Market Consortium will present "Ecosystem Services Markets Conceived and Designed for Agriculture: Scaling Impacts."


Ecosystem Services Markets Conceived and Designed for Agriculture: Scaling Impacts


Ecosystem services markets and carbon markets are at the forefront of the news, specially, how they can work for the agricultural sector. This webinar will highlight what ecosystem services markets are and how they can incentivize agricultural producers to generate ecosystem outcomes demanded by consumers, corporates, and governments. It will also cover new technologies and approaches that increase the credibility of credits sold in the marketplace and reduce paperwork costs. ESMC will discuss how their 70+ members across the agricultural supply chain and value chains are refining their national scale program across the country in advance of a 2022 market launch.


  • Debbie Reed is the Executive Director of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC). ESMC is a member-based organization launching a national scale ecosystem services market for agriculture to recognize and reward farmers and ranchers for their environmental services to society. ESMC members represent the spectrum of the agricultural sector supply chain with whom we are scaling sustainable agricultural sector outcomes, including increased soil carbon, reduced net greenhouse gases (GHG), and improved water quality and water use conservation. Debbie’s role in leading ESMC builds on decades of experience in agriculture climate change mitigation and sustainability efforts at the national and international level. Debbie previously led the Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (C-AGG), a national multi-stakeholder coalition, supporting the development of tools, support systems, knowledge and programs to improve quantification of GHG from agriculture.
  • Stacy Cushenbery is a Project Manager at ESMC where she co-leads ESMC's work planning, coordinating, implementing, and evaluating pilot projects. She is an experienced agricultural planner focused on regenerative practices and community building and grew up within a dairy community in Wisconsin where she quickly fell in love with farming. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Anthropology focusing on food systems, she completed her farm training in organics at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, Wisconsin. Stacy previously worked as Sustainable Agriculture Consultant for Solutions in the Land, where she managed projects focused on nutrient reduction and helped guide farmers and stakeholders in agriculture to better environmental and economic outcomes. She has previously worked with local and county governments to design agriculture plans that meet the community’s needs while preserving farmland. 

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