2021-22 FCWG Learning Exchange Series: Wildfires and their Impacts on Forest Carbon

In this webinar, speaker John Bailey presents, "Wildfires and their Impacts on Forest Carbon."


Wildfires and their Impacts on Forest Carbon


  • John Bailey, Professor, Oregon State University 
    • John Bailey is a Professor of Silviculture and Fire Management in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. He obtained his BS and MF degrees from Virginia Tech (as a native Virginian) in the 1980s, then worked for six years with the Environmental Protection Agency in Corvallis, Oregon, on forest stressors. In 1996, he completed a PhD at Oregon State University in silviculture, addressing structural development of Douglas-fir forests, and subsequently joined the faculty at Northern Arizona University to teach and work in ponderosa pine silviculture, fuels management and ecological restoration. He returned to OSU in 2006 to continue teaching and research on fuels/fire management and sustainable forest management in fire-prone forest types, including multi-story management and prescribed fire in mixed forest types for broad conservation objectives. His most recent research and outreach focus is on landscape-scale wildfire risk and how to use active forest management to minimize the adverse impacts of future wildfire in uncertain climatic times.

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