2023 Earth Engineers Camp Day 4

Bugs, s'mores and plank walks!

Welcome to day 4!

The Bug House


Today workers from the MSU Bug House. It features displays of many bugs and more! They brought in multiple displays of bugs, spiders, beetles. Campers were fascinated buy all the bugs; some were brave enough to hold some too!

Solar s’mores


Even though it’s cloudy this morning, campers still made a mini solar oven made from cardboard and tin foil. Later, they’re going to be able to eat their s’mores and test out their solar oven. 

Garden Kitchen: grilled asparagus & quinoa


Campers got their veggies in again today. They learned how to make grilled asparagus. Some pepper groups added a lot of garlic! In the afternoon they tried some quinoa! A lot of them were hesitant to try it but they ended up loving it!! I’m so glad campers are willing to be brave and try new foods.

Teeter Totter/plank walk/sherpa walk


Team building activity for our campers to do! They did a teeter totter where two people step on a board that’s balanced on a cinder block and everyone has to get onto the board without it tipping. Then they had to do it all over again blindfolded!! The other activity they had to walk on planks in sync as a group. It took some time to do but they got it!

STEAM: Hurricane House


The hurricane houses are almost done to be tested! Campers are putting their finishing touches on them to make sure they withstand the tests they will do.

Animal Chores!

IMG_8047.jpg Baby goats.jpg

Our campers got to see the baby goats and hang out with them for a bit. Many gave them hugs and absolutely loved them! Another pepper group got to spend time with the ducks. Their steward, JP was holding a duck and let the campers pet it.

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