Apple thinning guidelines for Grand Rapids region now available

As we approach the critical thinning period for apples, use these 2021 recommendations to guide your thinning decisions.

People standing in apple orchard.
Growers discuss thinning strategies with Poliana Francescatto, Phil Schwallier and Jim Engelsma. Photo by Amy Irish-Brown, MSU Extension.

Annually, Michigan State University Extension educators in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, region provide guidance on thinning strategies for apples. A summary of recommendations for this season is now available online in the 2021 Apple Thinning Guidelines for the Grand Rapids Region.

This guide has been developed over the course of the past 40 years based on research conducted by scientists at universities across the world. It is updated annually, taking into consideration seasonal conditions, crop trends, recent research, available products and grower concerns.

Recommendations for 2021 include precise crop load management strategies and emphasize the need for early thinning. This is especially important for varieties that are hard to thin, have a biennial tendency (Honeycrisp) and are generally small-fruited (Gala).

Download 2021 Apple Thinning Guidelines for the Grand Rapids Region

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