Avoid Mocap on creeping bentgrass

Using Mocap on creeping bentrass to prevent nematodes will only cause more problems for your turf.

After reading my article, Now is the time to zap nematodes in turf, MSU Entomologist Dave Smitley advised me to submit an addendum to that article. It worried Dave that I even mentioned the use of Mocap on golf course greens and tees, as this product is phytotoxic to creeping bentgrass. Any overlap of the material will result in symptoms of phytotoxicity. Since I do no research on turf, I defer to Dr. Smitley and his opinion on this matter.

In my article, I did make it pretty clear that care should be used when using Mocap on turf. I wanted to provide superintendents at least one chemical option for nematode control in established turf. However, if the use of Mocap is not advised, there are no post-plant chemical remedies for nematode problems on creeping bentgrass. It is obvious, golf course superintendents need to be even more vigilant about avoiding nematode problems in their turf as there are really no good options for reducing their population densities at this time.

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