Bailey Community Council Meeting Minutes: December

Minutes from the Bailey Community Council Meeting, which was held on December 5, 2019.

Core Class Reports

  • 210 Section 1
    • Section 1 continues their co-learning journey in a very organized fashion. The class recently finished their fashion and sustainability unit where they discovered the costs of fast fashion. Most recently, the class has embarked on their culture unit. A favorite unit of many ANR 210 courses, Section 1 has had a packed past few class sessions. Within their culture unit they worked to define culture, cultural appropriation, and even visited a museum. The class enjoyed the opportunity to go outside of the classroom during their museum visit. In order to reflect to the best of their ability, the class completed a worksheet for future use. For their final session coming up, the class is exploring celebrations across the globe. They have engaged in culture craft day, and learned about weddings and other cultural traditions. They will end their semester together with a culture carnival.
  • 210 Section 2
    • Section 2 of ANR 210 has been quite a journey for the co-learners. The class continues to work together to create a more productive space while approaching tough conversations. Section 2 has reported strains within their class, but continues to work on growing together. They will be engaging in a game day for their final session.
  • 310
    • ANR 310 continues to make great progress in the learning journey. This week they finished their jazz unit. The class also decided that for their final they will write a final reflection paper summarizing their experiences and learning opportunities throughout their time in ANR 310.


Core Course Share Night Debrief

  • Suggestions for next year
    • Possibly host in a larger room so there is more space for people to sit
    • Possible implementation of a google spreadsheet to coordinate bringing food to share and or sign up for
  • What went well?
    • Core course share night was a great opportunity for the community to come together and share their progress as co-learners. It was great to see what everyone has been up to this semester. We enjoyed two videos from both sections of ANR 210, and a thoughtful presentation from ANR 310. ANR 310 created a Bailey tree, each circle representing a student in their class.
  • Concerns?
    • One of our co-learners at BCC brought up a concern with negative energies and attitudes from ANR 210 Section 2 during their core course presentation. ANR 210 Section 2 has at times struggled to come together and communicate in productive ways. This has resulted in tension within the class and this tension was communicated at core course share night through the actions of some of our co-learners presenting. At BCC we discussed this tension and how it was perceived as upsetting to members of our community. It was a healthy discussion, and it was very much needed. As a group, we agreed that our core courses can be very challenging emotionally. We sympathize with ANR 210 Section 2 and we hope to see them grow. In the future, we hope to create a more effective space for our students to share their struggles in their core courses. However, core course share night is not an appropriate space to do so.

Leadership Team Reports

  • Service (Holly)
    • Donation drive is currently ongoing and may be completed for service hour requirements
    • Holly is working on planning events for the spring
    • Engagement in the future
      • How can we get our community more involved with service? This semester, and in semesters previously, we have struggled with this.
        • The community would like to see more opportunities closer to if not on campus
        • Potential volunteering opportunities at the food bank
        • Knowing with ample time to prepare
      • Discussion on additional emails from conveners about events?
      • Potential action: leadership team to send out an overview email at the start of each semester summarizing the events coming soon.  
    • Engagement (Erin and Jeremy)
      •  Snacks for success is currently underway both within our program and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources a whole.
      • Walking taco bar on Monday
    • Student Director (Emma)
      • Proposed addressing and assessing our community norms the first BCC meeting of each semester.


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