Central Michigan regional hop report for July 15-23, 2023

Hops are entering the cone stage in central Michigan.

Hop plants growing on a trellis.
MI Chinook. Photo by Dog Star Hops.

Location: Central Michigan

Michigan Map with a circle designating the region for this report.

Bar graph that indicates the temperature, soil moisture, growth, disease pressure and insect pressure this season compared to a “normal” season.

-US Drought Monitor Map that shows the intensity of drought across Michigan as of July 18, 2023

Precipitation graph by month showing April, May, June 2023 compared to 2022 and long term average

Daily temperature chart from March 1-July 23, 2023 with average low and high temperatures

Accumulated Growing Degree Day Chart that shows accumulated growing degree days (Base 50) compared to highest, lowest, and normal (April 1- July 23, 2023)


Plants are beginning to develop cones. Growing degree days (base 50) are on average. Disease and insect pressure remain low. Potential for the best crop in years.

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