Clare County teens speak out

Teens participated in a survey that provided feedback and responses about the needs of youth in Clare County.


More than 540 teens in Michigan’s Clare County participated in a needs assessment survey that provided information about the needs of youth in Clare County. Seventh through 12th grade students from Clare, Farwell and Harrison schools provided feedback and responses to an eight-question survey.

After sorting through pages of comments, it was clear that teens have some strong feelings about what the needs are in Michigan’s Clare County. One of the first questions asked focused on what one change would make Clare County better for teens. The most popular topic commented on was school. The academic stress, homework, bullying, more welcoming environment for learning and more funding for all programs were the themes related to school.

The second most popular topic commented on related to support. Help dealing with depression, anxiety, food at home, parental support and someone to talk to and that cares were important aspects to youth. Other topics shared for this question included getting rid of drugs, a community center/hang out locations, more teen jobs, more kindness and overall the idea that they want someone listening to them.

Other questions asked in the survey related to programs and activities youth wanted to see in our county. Another question asked about future plans after high school. The survey ended with an opportunity for youth to share general information related to what teens need.

This needs assessment was done by the Clare County Youth Action Council. The Youth Action Council is a group of youth in Clare County that are learning about philanthropy and giving back to the community through service and grant making. Part of their charge is to administer a needs assessment with youth in their county to explore what the teens need.

The Clare County Youth Action Council is part of the Clare County Community Foundation and is the youth voice for making a difference in our community. There is a youth fund with the foundation that provides support for the work of the youth and provides funding for grants to organization that supports youth.

The full report is close to 36 pages, but provides a great snap shot of the needs for teens in Clare County. If you are interested in the full report or want more information about how you can help or be a part of action teams addressing these needs, please call 989-539-7805 or email

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