Dairy Spotlight: Angel Abuelo

Assistant Professor, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences and Dairy Extension Veterinarian

Vet demonstration

I grew up in northwest Spain. My parents were the first generation off their respective dairy farms, meaning that I spent all the weekends and breaks helping at the farms. It was here where I developed a passion for cattle care, and this led me to study veterinary medicine at the University of Santiago de Compostela. After a short stint in practice, I went back to pursue a masters and a PhD on transition cattle immunobiology. I also completed a residency (clinical specialism training) in bovine health management in Munich, Germany, and a masters in veterinary education at the Royal Veterinary College in London, UK. Currently, I am a registered specialist in cattle health management in North America, Europe, UK, and Australasia.

When I was done with schooling, I spent almost 3 years on faculty at Charles Sturt University (Australia) before taking my current position at MSU. At the College of Veterinary Medicine, I maintain federally funded research and extension programs, teach a final-year rotation on dairy production medicine, and provide continuing education to veterinarians. My team focuses on strategies to improve immunity in the neonatal and periparturient periods of dairy cattle utilizing strategies such as nutritional interventions or vaccination protocols. Working with many dairy farmers and veterinarians through my role as MSU’s dairy extension veterinarian is also a facet of my position I thoroughly enjoy. The level of support of the Michigan dairy industry for applied research and extension is second-to-none and makes our work more impactful.

Outside of work, I like to exercise (I’m an early-morning gym goer now), cycle, kayak, hike with my dog, and overall enjoy the Great Lakes. I also like to cook and read, as well as traveling to new places.

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