Douglas McEwen

Douglas McEwen, Class of 1966, 1973

The forestry cabin was built in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s according to what I understood.  One source said that students did part of the construction work.  The cabin was located near the bank of the Red Cedar River at the back corner of the International Student Center.  It was razed to make way for the construction of that building. I particularly remember taking my girlfriend, now my wife of 53 years, to a winter dance in the cabin with a fire in the fire place; quite a romantic setting.


Douglas McEwen

Undergraduate 1966 and PhD 1973

Class of 1966
Forestry Class of 1966 - Group of friends
Cross cut contest Conclave at MSU
Cross cut contest at Conclave @ MSU
Shindig 1966
Forestry Shindig Dance (1966)


1966 Shindig dance cardb copy1966 Shindig dance card1966 Shindig dance cardd copy
Shindig Dance Card (1966)


Forestry Club 1965
MSU Forestry Dunbar Summer Camp (1965)
Dunbar Class Building (1965)
Float for Sault Sainte Marie parade
Sault Sainte Marie Parade Float
Forestry Bldg
Douglas in front of the Forestry Building (2009)

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