FCWG 2020-21 Learning Exchange Series Session: New Approaches to Connect Forest Landowners to Voluntary Offset Revenue

In this webinar, Dylan Jenkins of Finite Carbon presents "New Approaches to Connect Forest Landowners to Voluntary Offset Revenue".


New Approaches to Connect Forest Landowners to Voluntary Offset Revenue


  • Dylan Jenkins is vice-president of portfolio development for Finite Carbon where he leads sales, marketing, and client relations with family, corporate, public, and Native American landowners. Previously, Dylan directed The Nature Conservancy’s Mid-Atlantic Forest Conservation Program and the Virginia Forest Landowner Education Program at Virginia Tech. He was the Society of American Forester’s National Young Forester of the Year, a member of SAF’s National Committee on Forest Policy, chaired SAF’s Certification Review Board, and served on the Forest Steward Guild’s membership and Policy Committee. Dylan has been published in Science, the Journal of Forestry, the Journal of Forest Economics, Forest Landowner, and the ACF Consultant. He is an SAF Certified Forester, a member of the Association of Consulting Foresters, and has degrees in forest management and economics from Clemson and Virginia Tech.


Participants will learn about solutions enabling landowners of smaller forest holdings to access carbon offset revenue including new technologies that significantly reduce project inventory and verification costs and legal frameworks that assist aligned landowners to create pooled multi-owner projects. The session will also cover forest offset project development mechanics, roles and responsibilities of project partners, deal structures, project costs and revenues, and offset market volume and price forecasts.

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