Find peace, hope and joy as a volunteer

Are you seeking peace, hope and joy this holiday season? Try becoming a volunteer.

If you are looking for peace, love and joy, you can find them when you volunteer! Discover the true meaning of joy when you share a piece of yourself with a cause that resonates with you. So let’s talk about how you can start your journey to becoming a volunteer.

First, think about the activities, projects and programs that interest you. What are you passionate about? Then consider how much time you want to spend volunteering. Do you want to share skills you already have or learn new skills? Next, consider if there is an organization in your community that utilizes volunteers with these skills and get in touch with them. If no one is currently doing what you want to do, consider if there is a need for the service and how you can fill that need. You could be the one to inspire a movement in your local community.

You would be surprised at the number and variety of organizations today that need volunteers both short term and long term. There are different kinds of organizations that work with abandoned pets, homeless, veterans, coaching and projects overseas. You can also agree to serve as a classroom parent, 4-H volunteer or just help a neighbor when you see them struggling. Random acts of kindness and paying it forward have become popular actions in today’s world; if you haven’t participated in this phenome yet, I would encourage you to.

Love exists when we find the right fit as a volunteer and you let your passion for the work you are doing take over. When you love what you are doing, it can be seen in your eyes and shared through your actions. Peace will fill your heart with gladness as you see the difference you make in the lives of those you touch with your efforts as a volunteer. The joy can be found in the smile of the person we have helped, the eyes of the child we took the time to listen to and in our heart as we respond to the positive vibes that surround us. Volunteering is a magical experience that can transform one from being self-centered to altruistic.

If you would like to find out about volunteering with a Michigan State University Extension  programs like 4-H, contact your local MSU Extension office.

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